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Britain snubs interntional humanitarian conference

No doubt Australia will copy Britain and USA

MPs criticise UK refusal to attend nuclear weapons conference Britain will not attend conference promoted by non-nuclear states on humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons  Guardian 12 Feb 14 Britain will not attend an international conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, ministers will tell the Commons on Wednesday.

The decision will anger MPs across the political spectrum who say Britain should participate in the conference, due to be held in Mexico on Thursday.

“We should be there. I cannot understand why we are not [going]”, said James Arbuthnot, Conservative chairman of the Commons defence committee and a former defence minister.

Sir Nick Harvey, the Liberal Democrat MP and former armed forces minister, said the British refusal to attend the conference was a “disgrace”. He sharply attacked the government’s refusal to attend another conference last year in Oslo on the consequences of a nuclear conflict. The Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn also criticised the government’s attitude towards the Oslo and Mexico conferences promoted by non-nuclear states.

The MPs were speaking at the launch of a report by the Nuclear Education Trust, an independent charity, which said there was an urgent need for a wider and more informed public and parliamentary debate about the potential use of nuclear weapons.

The report said Britain’s nuclear weapons were irrelevant to any existing and foreseeable threats posed by foreign states.

Other nuclear powers and permanent members of the UN security council have indicated they will also decline to attend the conference in Mexico.

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