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Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme saved Victoria from power blackouts

energy-efficiency-manMixed Greens: Climate youth want 100% renewables in 10 years, REneweconomy, By Sophie Vorrath on 10 February 2014″……Power outages, sparked by the periods of extreme heat that have characterised Victoria’s 2013-14 summer, would have been much more common but for the contributions of energy efficiency, a new report has found. The report, released today by the Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA), found that the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme helped reduce peak demand by 187MM over the January heat wave. “Without the contribution from the VEET, the demand at 4pm on 16th January would have been 10,427 MW exceeding the previous electricity peak of 10,415 MW on 29 January 2009 in the lead up to the Black Saturday bushfires,” the report says. As well as saving over $500 million in the reduction of Victorian household and business energy bills, the report says the energy efficiency scheme reduced stress on infrastructure during the hot spell and likely reduced the prevalence of system black outs.

Victoria’s Hazelwood coal-fired power station was operating at one-quarter of its generation capacity on Monday, after bushfires cut the power to a mine that feeds the brown coal plant. Reports say authorities are still fighting to control a significant fire in an unused section of the Morewell open cut mine – one of the many fires in Victoria over the weekend, sparked by some of the state’s worst bush fire conditions in recorded history. The fire has damaged SP AusNet power lines, cutting power to coal dredges and conveyors and leaving just two of the plant’s eight generation units in working order. A GDF Suez spokesperson said power to the plant, which was relying on an alternative coal supply for the time being, was likely to be restored on Tuesday. Power outages were considered unlikely at the time of publication. On Sunday night, 34,000 households lost power just before 10pm, when the powerline that fed electricity from Morwell to Warragul was damaged by fires. Power was restored at about 3am

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