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Some top submissions to #NuclearCommissionSAust on Issues Paper 1

scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINPAUL HARRIS  – EXCELLENT OVERALL submission covering all 4 Issues Papers  and ULRIKE HECK  Also very good overall

GLADSTONE UNITING CHURCH  SA Response to Issues Paper One…Exploration, Extraction & Milling ”  Excerpt..….

  • As responsible Australians we request an explanation as to why our government did not advertise more widely about the Nuclear Royal Commission as many people were unaware of this very serious issue.
  •  The safety of uranium exploration hasn’t been proven to be 100% safe in the world.
  • Will SA Emergency Services be supported adequately by our government for the events of accidents, spillages or radioactive fall out similar to Marralinga?
  • How would the finished product be transported?
  •  Major concerns are…underground water/soil contamination which will effect farmers etc & our environment…therefore touching every person’s life & for every generation to come in our area.
  • Huge concerns also for our native wild life as well as farm animals. This can also contaminate the animals making them unsafe for human consumption.
NGOPPON TOGETHER INC   Excerpt –  …. Mining uranium has caused immense suffering and displacement of Aboriginal communities. in SA as well as elsewhere in Australia. Some of our members recall the Kokatha in the sandhills of Roxby Downs in the 1980s in the desperate hope of stopping the Roxby uranium mine before such a mine wreaked havoc on Kokatha country and on the ancient waters of the Arabunna. Regarding the proposed expansion of Olympic Dam we know that the Traditional Owners were not even consulted. BHP Billiton held all the cards and merely had to say that they wanted to continue the (exremely favourable to them) previous conditions. ….

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