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Vested interests in pro nuclear submissions to #Nuclear CommissionSAust

scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINSo far, I have been able to read only the 28 submissions published by the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Commission on Issues Paper 1. Exploration, Extraction and Milling. (All published submissions can be found here )

Of the 28 submissions, 13 are pro nuclear expansion, 12 against, and 3 appear to be sitting on the fence.

The pro nuclear ones come almost entirely from nuclear industry sources and pro nuclear agencies ANSTO, ARPANSA, and the AWU a long-time pro nuclear union, Of course some industry submissions are not being published.

Individual pro nukes are :

  • Professor David Bowman, School of Biological Sciences, University of Tasmania. (a surprise, but perhaps co-opted by Australia’s top nuclear promoter Barry Brook)
  • Mark Chalmers –   Senior Vice President of Heathgate Uranium 
  • Colin Durbridge (possibly Managing Director & Proprietor at Product Services Ltd, formerly of  Integrated Electronics LtdAtlas Electronics Bhd.Atlas Electronics Ltd)
  • Professor Stephen Grano is the Director of the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources at the University of Adelaide
  • Richard Yeeles  -Corporate Affairs Manager at BHP Billiton

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