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#NuclearCommissionSAust: an overview of submissions published about Radioactive Trash

scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAINSo far the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission has published 44 Submissions about Issues Paper 4 – Management, Storage and Disposal of Waste

Surprise surprise! They haven’t published Dr Helen Caldicott’s submission. They haven’t published mine, (written under my full name Noel Christina Wauchope)

Well, as the import of radioactive trash is the main purpose of this shonky Royal Commission, we can expect that they will give priority to the pro nuclear ones.

The tally for the published submissions?  – 29 in favour of South Australia importing radioactive trash, 15 against.

Of the 29 in favour- well – they ALL have  a vested or very obvious commercial or career interest in the radioactive-trash-import project.

  • 9 are actually companies or nuclear associations.
  • 2 are government agencies, – ANSTO and  the Commonwealth Government.
  • 14 Individuals – all with either direct connection to a nuclear /uranium company, or with a political/career motive
  • Australian Workers Union – a sad standout?  I guess they have bought the nuclear lobby mantra of “jobs jobs jobs”


August 14, 2015 - Posted by | Submissions to Royal Commission S.A.

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