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Australian nuclear and climate news in brief

a-cat-CANTHE NUCLEAR PR WAR intensifies.  The South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission is now publishing submissions. Rather selectively.  Issues Paper 4  –  Management, Storage and Disposal of Waste is the most important topic, because the whole aim of the nuclear lobby and its shonky Commission is to get South Australia to take in the world’s radioactive trash.

On this trash topic, they’ve now published 44 submissions. No surprise that they didn’t manage to put in Dr Helen Caldicott’s one (or even my humble effort under real name Noel Christina Wauchope)

But they did manage to publish 29 pro nuclear ones. With one exception ( the Australian Workers Union), all of these come from industries, associations, and individuals who would benefit commercially or career-wise from the nuclear industry.

ABC Radio National came to the pro nuclear party, with Philip Adams hosting two nuclear propagandists.  SBS TV is to an extent coming to the same party, hosting a confusing programme about uranium. For just one thing, that programme buys the nuke lobby’s false story about bananas being equal to nuclear fission in their effects on the human body.

No time just now to do credit to the fine submissions from Australian organisations and individuals. But I cannot resist mentioning a splendid little piece from Brett Bernard Stokes. Brett lightens things up – even though what he says is true, anyway.

CLIMATE CHANGE. Many Australians, and international observers are dismayed, and shocked, at the Abbott government’s deliberately pathetic greenhouse gas emissions target. A UN climate expert warns that Australia will have to improve on this. But Abbott has no intention of meeting even his emissions target.

Surprise surprise! Australian women are more concerned about climate change, and more anti nuclear, than Australian men are.

ABORIGINAL ISSUES: Winda-Mara – Aboriginal success stories that we just don’t hear about.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Electricity companies offer solar, battery, technologies for lease.


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