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A top Submission on Nuclear Waste Importing for South Australia

The Commission’s whole aim is to further the drive to make South Australia the World’s nuclear toilet. So, the Submissions on this topic of importing nuclear wastes are especially important.

NGOPPON TOGETHER INC sent in  a top Submissions on all 4 Issues papers

Excerpts from NGOPPON TOGETHER INC  – Submission on Issues Paper 4 – Management, Storage and Disposal of Wastes.

Lucas-wastes“…..Ngoppon Together’s answer [to Australia’s Lucas Heights wastes] – leave it where it is, where the expertise is, in Lucas Heights where it won’t be out of sight, out of mind; so that we avoid the hope of the pro-nuclear lobby and the consequent burgeoning of high and intermediate level waste in having finally established a repository, nuclear power will be far more possible (and the pressure to establish a nuclear power reactor thus increase.)

Measured by radioactivity, spent nuclear fuel reprocessing waste from Lucas Heights reactors accounts for over 90% of the waste the Government wants to dump … Although the volume of this waste is relatively small – some tens of cubic metres – it is by far the most radioactive material “ANSTO is capable of handling and storing wastes for long periods of time. There is no difficulty with that.” Dr Ron Cameron, ANSTO.(Lucas Heights (quoted in ‘Nuclear Freeways ‘)…….

Of course other countries would be delighted to know that some other country would be both so foolish and foolhardy to be prepared to accept their radioactive waste – dangerous for 100,000 years or more!
BUT What price could the receivers possibly put on the likely and irreversible damage to their countrynuclear-future and waters, its people, its children? In such a vast country to discount the potential high level dangers of transport? Do we have no responsibility towards the future generations of South Australian and indeed Australian children?
 One can envisage future court cases which will be fought in the future for damages incurred by citizens – similar to those fought regarding asbestos – with the difference being that all the evidence for not going ahead with such a clearly dangerous scheme was indeed well known at the time. And with a far more widespread, serious and totally irreversible situation at stake…….
ethicsNgoppon Together strongly refutes the muddled, quite fallacious so-called ‘ethics’ argument – We export and so are ethically bound to receive waste. This argument fails, as the people do not choose to export uranium but Governments and companies do. Aboriginal people oppose digging up uranium on their land in the first place and then to compound the burden, in the past at least are faced with the waste being imposed on them and their lands, waste that is up to one million times more reactive after enrichment. Our members point out the obvious realityif any government imports uranium then they import the responsibility for dealing with the implications of the purchase. Fewer than 1 in 6 South Australians are inclined towards reactors or waste dumps in S.A. We remind the Commission of their duties – to inform clearly and fully the SA Community of the facts and implications , rather than to persuade and cajole………

August 17, 2015 - Posted by | Submissions to Royal Commission S.A.

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