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Radioactive trash storage would ruin South Australia’s vital fishing, agricultural and tourist industries

From Submission to Royal Commission on Nuclear Fuel Chain NGGOPPON TOGETHER INC, Michele Madigan“……….A nuclear industry particularly a radioactive storage facility for high or intermediate level waste in South Australia would undermine and even destroy the state’s vital fishing, agricultural, world famous wine and also the tourism sectors. If such a facility is established the State’s largely clean, green image will be impossible to sustain.
South Australia nuclear toilet
Tourist destinations obviously lose appeal when travel arrangements are considered – a possibility of sharing the road or railtrack with highly toxic radioactive waste, whether marked or not: not every SA tourist place is accessible by plane (ANSTO has acknowledged that there are 1-2 accidents or ‘incidents’ every year involving the transportation of radioactive materials to and from the Lucas Heights reactor plant.
The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into radioactive waste found there “is no doubt that the transportation of radioactive waste increases the risk of accident or incident – including some form of terrorist intervention”.) If South Australia has sometimes been in danger of being known as a ‘cinderella ‘ state, any former such thought will be multiplied enormously. Action – withdrawal, loss of population, loss of industries especially food industries.
The positive alternative is still possible as SA presently is the leading state in renewable energy and has the opportunity if taken by government to go down this positive healthy path to maintain a clean, safe country and waters, safe and healthy employment opportunities and for the safety, health and well being of all of its citizens. ……

August 17, 2015 - Posted by | Submissions to Royal Commission S.A.

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