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Renewable Energy way ahead of nuclear – Rebecca Keane’s Submission to #NuclearCommissionSAust

submission good I am astonished that South Australia is even being considered as a site for nuclear power plants and/or radioactive waste dumps. Australia’s rapid and widespread progress in the harnessing of our virtually unlimited solar energy resource is evident in the fact that currently 1.4 million households have rooftop solar installations!. The huge potential for expansion in this field negates any need for the pursuit of such a highly dangerous enterprise as nuclear power generation.

Solar thermal energy supply, where solar energy is stored as heat is also highly efficient and offers
tremendous opportunities in this country. Moreover, our nation’s geographical conditions are extremely favourable to the massive development of other renewable sources such as wind, hydro and wave power. Wind energy is emerging as a highly cost-effective resource and vertical axis wind turbines are particularly effective and create no noise issues.

The West Australian coast is subject to the world’s strongest wind system (The Roaring Forties) with the energy released each year from the pounding of the waves influenced by this system, equating to five times Australia’s annual total energy usage2. Over 85% of Australians live in close proximity to the
A combination of the utilisation ofrenewable intermittent sources such as solar, wind
and wave energy with back-up hydro and gas-driven turbines is recognized by experts throughout the world as being highly comparable in terms of both adequacy and reliability of supply, to existing coal-driven technology. Over 24,000 people are employed in Australia’s renewable energy industries compared to 10,000 in coalmining for the domestic market 3 Continue reading

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CAMECO seeks EPA approvals on same day as Traditional Owners mourn the passing of treasured community member.

Today as CAMECO release the Public Environment Review (PER) for the proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine, the community mourns the passing of the former Station owner.

Yeelirrie station, the site of CAMECO’s proposed uranium mine is a significant place for both the white pastoral history and local Aboriginal people. Many of the local Yeelirrie traditional owners have strong and positive memories of living on country and working along side the pastoral lease holders at Yeelirrie before the station was taken over by the mining industry.

It has saddened local Traditional owners today to learn of CAMECO’s proposal to mine uranium at Yeelirrie has gone to the EPA, on a day that holds such great sorrow for the community.

Kado Muir, Traditional Owner from Yeelirrie said: “It is a sad day today as Yeelirrie Traditional owners mourn the passing of the late Mrs Folvig a former owner of Yeelirrie station and much loved member of the early black and white pastoral community.”
“Community members are upset to hear the news of this company seeking to destroy our country while dealing with the sadness within our community. We don’t have anymore to say at this time.”

Vicky McCabe, a local Traditional owner said: “Growing up you would hear all the great stories from our elders of life at Yeelirrie station and the good relations between the white lease holders and our mob. Sadly since the mining industry has gotten hold of the land we are excluded from the country and our country is being destroyed, where once it was enjoyed and cared for.”

“Our opposition to the mine is strong and with the help of our friends from Australia and overseas we are making a stand for country, culture and a uranium free world. there is no way that Cameco will be digging up our country.”

Marcus Atkinson, spokesperson for ANAWA said: “We have this week just finished the 5th year of walking through the area around Yeelirrie. Over these 5 years hundreds of people have joined the Walkatjurra Walkabout from around the Country and the world.  Cameco should brace themselves for the massive opposition that will never allow this uranium mine to happen. ”

For comment : Kado Muir: 0477184957. Vicky Mccabe: 0473196023. Marcus Atkinson: 0400505765

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“Tell EDF: nuclear can’t save the climate: too dirty, too dangerous, too expensive, too slow #exposeEDF

Nuclear ≠ the solution!
by Don’t Nuke the Climate
“Tell EDF: nuclear can’t save the climate: too dirty, too dangerous, too expensive, too slow #exposeEDF #EDFMenteur

Thousands of people will join the climate negotiations, the COP 21, in Paris this year to discuss a new agreement. Under the expiring Kyoto Protocol, nuclear energy is rightly excluded from the possible solutions available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the nuclear industry, in collaboration with certain nations, is lobbying for their dangerous and polluting technology to be seen as a climate-friendly option. This would obstruct real progress in protecting the climate.

An example of these lobbyists is EDF, world’s biggest electricity generator. Which is running many nuclear and coal plants all over the world and all French nuclear power plants. They are shamelessly using the context of climate negotiations to promote its nuclear electricity as climate-friendly and carbon-free… And EDF is also one of the big sponsors of the COP 21!

Poster EDF menteur

EDF’s argument is misleading: the nuclear industry does emit greenhouse gas, particularly during uranium mining! Nuclear power manifests a wide range of human rights violations, from the rights to life and health, to disproportionate impacts on indigenous peoples, women, children, and future generations. No matter what else EDF claims.

Join us in exposing EDF. Tweet or share in English, German, French, or any language (copy paste this in the text field):

  • Tell EDF: nuclear can’t save the climate: too dirty, too dangerous, too expensive, too slow #exposeEDF #EDFMenteur

The French petition will be online before the 26th of September.


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Join the ‘Don’t Nuke the Climate’ Thunderclap!

globalnukeNOJoin the ‘Don’t Nuke the Climate’ Thunderclap!  Michael Mariotte
President, Nuclear Information and Resource Service 
On Saturday, September 26, 2015, the Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign will be putting out some noise that will be heard around the world! If you’ve got a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr account, we ask you to join our Thunderclap and help amplify that noise.
It’s easy to do, just sign up at: or

When you do, the Thunderclap will automatically post a message to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and/or Tumblr list on Saturday, September 26.
We’re sending out this message: Tell EDF: nuclear can’t save the climate: too dirty, too dangerous, too expensive, too slow #exposeEDF #EDFMenteur
EDF is, of course, Electricite de France, the largest nuclear power utility in the world. EDF wants to have a big influence at December’s COP-21 UN climate negotiations in Paris; their future depends on a nuclear-powered future. But our future, and our planet’s future, depends on just the opposite: we want and need a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy system that will power our planet cleanly, safely, affordably and sustainably.
That’s the message the Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign is taking to Paris. We hope you’ll help us reach millions of people across the globe.
You can find our more about the Don’t Nuke the Climate campaign at the international campaign page ( and the U.S. campaign page (

And if you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to sign the Don’t Nuke the Climate petition to be presented to global leaders at COP 21 in December.

Organizations, sign at:

Individuals, sign at:

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Australia’s new Resources Minister Frydenberg is a nuclear power enthusiast

Parkinson-Report-Turnbull appoints a nuclear fan to head energy policy REneweconomy, By  on 21 September 2015 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has appointed a strong advocate of nuclear energy in the key resources and energy portfolio as part of sweeping changes to his cabinet and ministry.

Josh Frydenberg, an ally of Tony Abbott who was previously assistant Treasurer, has been named as minister for resources, energy and northern Australia, as part of a reshuffle that sees the portfolio split from industry, innovation and science, which goes to former eduation minister Chris Pyne.

Greg Hunt retains his spot as environment minister, to continue his bluster around Direct Action as a result of Turnbull’s pact with the Liberal Party’s far right wing, and Turnbull has also appointed Jamie Briggs to be Minister for Cities and the Built Environment, in an appointment welcomed by the Green Building Council and others…………..

Frydenberg also has strong views on energy, and in particularly nuclear energy. He made it one of his three major issues when he made his maiden speech to parliament in October, 2010, and then made a series of speeches and articles pushing the technology.

Frydenburg, Josh

In The Australian newspaper in early 2011, Frydenberg said nuclear was safe and cheap, and expected that sometime soon nuclear plants could likely be constructed within 2 ½ years. He also quoted nuclear advocate Ziggy Switkowski as saying that Australia could be 90 per cent powered by nuclear energy by 2050. Continue reading

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‘Talking Straight Out’ exhibition celebrates Aboriginal women’s success in fight against nuclear waste dump

see-this.wayAn invitation to the exhibition Talking Straight Out, Craig Wilkins
Chief Executive

Conservation SA is proud to be supporting a very special event, ‘Talking Straight Out’, at the Festival Centre on Thursday 15th October.

Just over a decade ago a group of senior Aboriginal women from Coober Pedy led a campaign against a proposed nuclear waste dump on their country. They not only stopped the toxic dump being built – their work won international acclaim and united many South Australians to a common cause.
This exhibition features images and insights from the successful Irati Wanti campaign.
We take our hats off to the Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta now, as we did then. Their words and campaign continue to inspire us.

Where: The Lyrics Room, Adelaide Festival Centre, King William St

When: Thursday 15th October
Time: Doors open at 5pm. Inma and talks at 6pm
This is a free event, please RSVP here.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the organisers via


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#SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA: Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities in Australia

text-aboriginal-rights#SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA 5th Global Call to action announced: 
Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities in Australia
16 Sep 15: “With the recent change of leadership in the  current LNP government and last week’s announcement of  eight Indigenous individuals confirmed to determine the fate of 274 Aboriginal Communities in Western Australia  alongside what the Government claims to be a  ‘consultative process’, a new date has been set for the  5th Global Call to Action – Friday 27th November 2015.

… #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA grew out of necessity in the response  to the threatened forced closure of Aboriginal communities.  Our extended reach is in excess of 12 million people and our  direct reach is close to 75,000. Our goal goes well beyond  any ‘consultation’. Regardless of who is prime minister, we
are committed to keeping our communities on their homelands and we have been consulting among our own people to develop sustainable and viable models for communities, outstations and seasonal campsites.

To support this work, we are steadily galvanising support from NGOs, unions, the legal fraternity and public figures  and have built a skills database with submissions from thousands of everyday people worldwide, who care as much as  we do about our Aboriginal culture and human rights.

#SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA itself will be scaled up to increase its  capacity, whilst supporting a cultural revolution, political platform and fundraising campaign.

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Will Greg Hunt continue to kow tow to the fossil fuel lobby?





Parkinson-Report-No more excuses: Heat is now on Hunt By  on 22 September 2015 For the past two years, Greg Hunt has protested that he has been doing the best he can possibly do under the circumstances – being an environment minister in a government that downplays climate change, and is actively opposed to wind energy.

Hunt insists that he has been pushing for ambitious and effective policies as much as he can, and as much as he dared in a government dominated by the far right, and its ideological war against green policies. Did anyone understand the difficulties involved? But if Hunt craved to be portrayed as a beacon of light in a sea of smog, he did not get a lot of sympathy from those involved in the sector.

Part of that was due to his own choice of rhetoric: in an attempt to appease and impress, or just to get along, Hunt on occasions tried to out-do even the extreme right on the costs of renewables and climate action.

That has now changed, the conservative forces that stood in his way appear to have been swept aside by the sudden rise of Malcolm Turnbull and his declaration that his government will be one looking to the future, not the past.

So, the next phase can be seen in two ways: a test of Hunt’s willingness and ability to introduce long-lasting and effective climate change policies, presumably with the indulgence and sponsorship of his new leader; and a test of the remaining power of the hard-line conservatives.  Continue reading

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South Australian govt removes regulatory hurdle on renewable energy

If South Australia were a nation, it would be second only to Denmark in regard to wind energy. It’s no slouch on solar power either. While it may not host the largest number of solar panel systems in Australia; it leads the nation based on the percentage of households with home solar installed.

Map-South-Australia-windMore Of South Australia Opened Up To Renewable Energy Projects September 22, 2015 Energy Matters The South Australian Government has reduced regulatory burdens on renewable energy projects on state Crown lands; a move it says will provide greater certainty to investors and make South Australia even more competitive.

The proclamation of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation (Renewable Energy) Amendment Act 2014 means wind farm developer can now apply for 25-year licences on Crown land; subject to pastoral lease tenure. Developers will also be given the option to renew for another 25 years.

“Securing investor confidence is key to the long-term future of the renewable energy industry, and this Act serves to cement South Australia’s position as the preferred destination for renewable energy development,” said Climate Change Minister Ian Hunter.

Additionally, the Act will  expedite access for the development of solar farms and also ensure local communities reap the benefits of renewables investments; with 95 per cent of licence payments flowing through to pastoral lessees and native title holders. Continue reading

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The $43 trillion extra costs from effects of melting Arctic permafrost

graph-Climate-Action_vs_InaEmissions from melting permafrost could cost $43 trillion, Science Daily September 21, Source: University of Cambridge

New analysis of the effects of melting permafrost in the Arctic points to $43 trillion in extra economic damage by the end of the next century, on top of the more than the $300 trillion economic damage already predicted. 
New analysis of the effects of melting permafrost in the Arctic points to $43 trillion in extra economic damage by the end of the next century, on top of the more than the $300 trillion economic damage already predicted. Continue reading

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New Resources Minister, Josh Frydenberg, gives cautious support to renewable energy

Wind farms, solar to be ‘key part’ of Federal Government’s energy strategy, Minister says, ABC News, By Loretta Florance, 21 Sept 15  Renewable energy will be a “key part” of the Federal Government’s energy platform, the newly elevated Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia Josh Frydenberg says.

Key points:

  • Josh Frydenberg says renewables will be “key part” of energy policy
  • Renewable energy sector says comments are “extremely encouraging”
  • The industry has lost 88 pc of investment in past year

Former prime minister Tony Abbott was vocal in his opposition to the sector, describing wind farms as “visually awful” and saying he wished the Renewable Energy Target (RET) had never been introduced by the Howard government.

The industry, which lost 88 per cent of investment over the past year, amid uncertainty over the RET,had been hopeful the Government’s attitude would change under new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

However Mr Turnbull, who lost the party leadership in 2009 over his support for the Rudd government’s proposed Emission Trading Scheme, said he was in favour of retaining the Government’s current climate change policies.

“The climate policy is one that I think has been very well designed that was a very, very good piece of work,” he said after he took the leadership last week.

But today, Mr Frydenberg told 774 ABC Melbourne that “clearly renewable energy is a key part of our energy platform”.”I think wind farms, I think solar, I think they all have a role to play,” he said.

Mr Frydenberg was asked by host Jon Faine if describing renewable energy as a “key platform” represented a u-turn for the Government.

“Don’t play it up to be bigger than it is Jon, what I’m saying is that we as a Coalition Government have entered into a bipartisan agreement with the Labor Party, on a 23.5 per cent renewable energy target by 2020, this will see a doubling of large scale renewable energy,” he said……

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Queensland poised – could take off as renewable energy leader

map-solar-QueenslandQLD could become renewable energy leader  | 22nd Sep 2015 QUEENSLAND can become a leader in developing cleaner electricity, according to a new forum that has just launched a renewable energy transition document to explain how it’s possible.

The approach aims to create new jobs in regional and rural communities across the state and seeks to tap into global investment in renewable energy which rose 17% last year to more than $270 billion. Sustainable Queensland Forum patron, Marcoola’s Professor Ian Lowe, said we should be at the forefront of the shift from fossil fuels because of our abundance of solar and wind resources.

“Queensland can get on board and move away from its present reliance on coal to develop a pathway for a clean energy transition and play a major role in this growth sector,” Prof Lowe said. “We have long been known as the Sunshine State. “It’s time to earn that title.”

Despite one of the highest uptakes for household solar, with about half a million homes using solar energy, Queensland lags behind every state except WA in total renewable generation.

Report lead author Trevor Berrill said renewable energy schemes created jobs through the construction and operation and offered farmers and graziers the chance to supplement their income by hosting solar and wind installations. Members of the Sustainable Queensland Forum received a positive response to the report at a recent meeting with Queensland Energy Minister Mark Bailey and his Director-General.

Key recommendations of the report Queensland Transitioning to a Clean and Efficient Energy System also include the establishment of an area within the State Government to drive Labor’s target of 50% renewable energy by 2030 and no further fossil fuel generation as coal-fired stations reach the end of their productive life.

Improving energy efficiency delivers savings for users and creates jobs and training for more energy auditors. The Australian Solar Council, Queensland Conservation Council, Australian PV Institute, Alternative Technology Association and Environmental Defenders Office endorsed the findings.

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Will Environment Minister Greg Hunt now come good on renewable energy?

Turnbull government to ditch former PM Abbott’s attempt to abolish renewable energy agencies By  on September 22 2015 The Turnbull government is waiving to abandon former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s previous attempt to abolish renewable energy agencies for a new approach to attain the carbon reduction target of Australia. Environment Minister Greg Hunt is about to add the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, or CEFC, which Abbott previously aimed to ban from investing in commercial-based wind or small-scale solar energy projects, to his new portfolio.


There has been a negotiation between the government and the CEFC about the company’s investment instructions after a legal advice for the investment bank suggested that the Abbott government order could deny the CEFC its legislated duties. The Guardian reported that an agreement would be announced at any day.

Hunt believes that the CEFC may provide flexible proposals as it may return to finance government projects. In addition, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, or Arena, set up by the former Labor government to handle the use of renewable energy, was reported on Monday to be transferred from the Industry Department to the Department of the Environment.

“Obviously under Malcolm Turnbull there is a history of a deep long support for renewable energy,” Hunt told Sky News on Monday. Continue reading

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Women organising to be leaders in climate chnage action

Women turn up heat on climate: Project aims to put females in leadership positions on issue A TASMANIAN woman is enlisting some great names in science to educate the world about ­climate change.

Jess Melbourne-Thomas, a marine ecologist at the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Co-operative Research Centre at the University of Tasmania, has co-founded the Homeward Bound Project with leadership expert Fabian Dattner to elevate the role of women in the fight against climate change.

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Sydney hosting Forward-thinking cities working together to tackle climate change

text-Please-Note Forward-thinking cities working together to tackle climate change  September 15, 2015. Leaders from 13 cities representing almost one hundred million people are visiting Sydney this week to workshop ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and tackle climate change globally.

Experts from cities including Tokyo, New York, London, Singapore, Johannesburg and Shenzhen will join forces at the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group’s (C40) Private Building Efficiency network workshop at Sydney Town Hall. C40 connects more than 80 global cities committed to taking significant action on climate change.

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