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CAMECO seeks EPA approvals on same day as Traditional Owners mourn the passing of treasured community member.

Today as CAMECO release the Public Environment Review (PER) for the proposed Yeelirrie uranium mine, the community mourns the passing of the former Station owner.

Yeelirrie station, the site of CAMECO’s proposed uranium mine is a significant place for both the white pastoral history and local Aboriginal people. Many of the local Yeelirrie traditional owners have strong and positive memories of living on country and working along side the pastoral lease holders at Yeelirrie before the station was taken over by the mining industry.

It has saddened local Traditional owners today to learn of CAMECO’s proposal to mine uranium at Yeelirrie has gone to the EPA, on a day that holds such great sorrow for the community.

Kado Muir, Traditional Owner from Yeelirrie said: “It is a sad day today as Yeelirrie Traditional owners mourn the passing of the late Mrs Folvig a former owner of Yeelirrie station and much loved member of the early black and white pastoral community.”
“Community members are upset to hear the news of this company seeking to destroy our country while dealing with the sadness within our community. We don’t have anymore to say at this time.”

Vicky McCabe, a local Traditional owner said: “Growing up you would hear all the great stories from our elders of life at Yeelirrie station and the good relations between the white lease holders and our mob. Sadly since the mining industry has gotten hold of the land we are excluded from the country and our country is being destroyed, where once it was enjoyed and cared for.”

“Our opposition to the mine is strong and with the help of our friends from Australia and overseas we are making a stand for country, culture and a uranium free world. there is no way that Cameco will be digging up our country.”

Marcus Atkinson, spokesperson for ANAWA said: “We have this week just finished the 5th year of walking through the area around Yeelirrie. Over these 5 years hundreds of people have joined the Walkatjurra Walkabout from around the Country and the world.  Cameco should brace themselves for the massive opposition that will never allow this uranium mine to happen. ”

For comment : Kado Muir: 0477184957. Vicky Mccabe: 0473196023. Marcus Atkinson: 0400505765

September 23, 2015 - Posted by | General News

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