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After record, mind-numbing coral bleaching, what would it take to “Save the Reef”? #Auspol


Global warming impacts right now are beyond some of the worst scientific predictions, so what does that mean for aspirations to save the Great Barrier Reef?
On 6 July 2009, Australian Dr Charlie Veron — who has discovered, described and identified about a third of all known coral species — addressed the Royal Society in London and asked: “Is the Great Barrier Reef on death row?” His response: “The answer must be yes… a close look at this question from any rational perspective arrives at the same bottom line: the Great Barrier Reef can indeed be utterly destroyed, and this could easily happen in the lifetime of my children.”
It is a devastating answer because corals have been around for almost 500 million years and have formed more fossils than any other species, they are home to one-quarter of marine fish species, and tens of millions of people depend on…

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    Me ha parecido una interpretación muy interesante, aún, en ciertos puntos difiero un poco de tu juicio.
    He visto que tienes más revelaciones, garantizo agarrar un lapso para adivinarlas.
    Ten por evidente que acecharé todas tus publicaciones.
    Te felicito por tu sitio web. Un servicial saludo.


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