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Nuclear waste import plan – a tough test for democracy

Nuclear lobby on Aust govtDaniel Wills: Once the gabfests of two citizens’ juries is over, a tough political call remains on storing high-level nuclear waste in SA May 10, 2016 Daniel WillsState Political Editor The Advertiser

VOTERS consistently call for bold political leadership, but revolt when blindsided with big and difficult decisions. By convening a citizens’ jury to determine future policy on a nuclear waste dump, Labor is trying to both test and cajole public opinion…………

The SA Royal Commission recommendation for the state to pursue a high-level international nuclear waste storage facility is almost the biggest test a democracy can imagine.

It will have irreversible impacts that will last for as long as people live on this patch of dirt.

The waste will have to be stored for 100,000 years. The pyramids are just 4500 years old. White settlement came to SA only 180 years ago. Countless generations will deal with the fallout……

May 11, 2016 - Posted by | General News

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