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Nuclear Citizens Jury discusses Community Consent

Citizens' Jury scrutinyEnice Marsh from the Adnyamathanha Camp Law Mob led off with a clear and passionate statement on the fact that, despite the friendliness and courtesy of the Nuclear Commission’s Jon Bok, their group utterly rejects nuclear waste importing.

This discussion focused mainly on Aboriginal issues. Of course, mainly white people talking. But it is encouraging to note that these jurors showed real concern for the interests of Aboriginal people.

Some interesting discussion on whether  the question of importing nuclear waste is an “ethical question or an economic question”

One juror answered firmly –

 “If you read the Royal Commission’s report, it’s all about the money”

Nobody disputed that , and the facilitator moved the discussion on quickly.

A juror questioned the lack of information amongst the ordinary public, including the jurors,  about radiation. This matter was not followed up.

Proposals were made that there should be no further discussion, until all potential native landowners be fully consulted, before there is any further progress in the State discussion on nuclear. waste importing. It doesn’t look as if that proposition will be taken up.  It was knocked on the head by another Aboriginal speaker  – Harry?

The group ended up working out a paragraph for their Final Report. – along these lines:

“We have confidence that the best consultation must be what works for the people being consulted. It should not be rushed, and this must be clear from the start.” 

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