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Today’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury Hearings – not looking too good, so far

a-cat-CANIt’s 12.30 p.m. Adelaide time. Session on SAFETY has just ended.

Listening to the Citizens’ Jury hearings at  the first livestream session.  – I’m glad to say that the jurors are asking intelligent questions.

The facilitaror emphasised more than once that  “We are not here to make a recommendation” (even though it’s  a JURY)

Jim Green, of Friends of the Earth, pointed out issues concisely:

  • the contradiction in the Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission Report – that South Australia would get the nuclear waste containers on-ground, first, long before the underground waste repository is made, if it ever eventuates.  South Australia could be stuck with this – with nowhere to put them, and no right of return.
  • on security of containers from foreign countries – e.g meeting international standards for containers. South Korea has record of arrests for falsification of safety standards. In Australia  – a clear breach of international standards in managing Marlainga nuclear wastes.

Apart from Jim Green, I didn’t find any other witnesses having doubts about the Royal Commission’s plan. As yet, I don’t know who these people are. But some of them are very confident about the whole thing.

Confident speakers,  :

  • Quentin ? from jacobs and Jacobs – specialised in nuclear transport security – not able to answer some safety questions – “not in his scope”
  • David ? expert on nuclear waste safety
  • Lisa ( ? from Royal Commission)
  • Steve McIntosh – of Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, (by phone)

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  1. Safety, the report puts some numbers to the chance of accidents with the transport of waste to Australia – but none about accidents within Australia. With that volume of radioactive material being transported so many km over so may years, the odds of many many accidents are a certainty. And you can’t mop up nuclear waste like the oil industry does with oil spills.


    Comment by Charlie Madden | July 9, 2016 | Reply

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