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What’s the Australian govt doing – buying pro nuclear opinion in the Flinders Ranges?

Hookina Newsflash 4th August 2016

Cindy K. Hoskin   Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste In The Flinders Ranges brainwash1 August 2  Here is the latest from port pirie. Tonight there is a paid invited meeting for nuclear in port pirie. A business man was rang on his moble and offered payment to attend, they asked his age which is 48, their reply was that they had enough over the 45 age limit and were seeking people under that age. Has any one else heard this? I have the number that this call came from if any one is interested.

Grahame Ranson This is the company paying people for thier opinions. but who is paying them?
 Grahame Ranson I rang the number and they said they were conducting research in the area and left a 1800 number if you had any questions.Heres the contact details of that company.
Bronwyn Lucas I spoke with a bloke at Orima Research … the Feds were paying for them …
 Doug Potts Buying votes by the sound of it
Kim Mavromatis yeh, I had a phone call yesterday as well – they were going to pay $75 for my attendance – meeting in pirie tonoght or tomorrow? – but i didn’t quality cause they wanted someone under 45 – next time i’ll lie about my age – sneaky, underhanded, worms
Brenton Barnes If they want to pay young people to attend a community meeting maybe they should round up high school students. They would gladly take the money and not put up any fight.

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