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South Australian Govt’s “Simplify Day” – aimed at removing nuclear restriction laws?

Will the SA legislative prohibitions on nuclear waste dumps be included?
Weatherill nuclear dream
The Premier has announced that the first ‘Simplify Day’ will be held on 15 November, 2016 to repeal out-dated and redundant legislation that impacts on the Government’s ability to deliver on its 10 Economic Priorities.
In the lead-up to Simplify Day a consultation process is being held to seek the views of businesses and the community on how red tape can be removed for businesses, including any legislation that may be outdated or unnecessary.
Should you wish to know more about this initiative or make a submission visit the YourSAY website at
The consultation period is open until 13 August, 2016.”

August 7, 2016 - Posted by | politics, South Australia

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