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Comments on the SA govt’s Nuclear Your Say site

safety-symbolSteve Charles Today the Premier said regarding yesterday’s state-wide power outage that “no infrastructure can be built that will withstand a catastrophic event”, yet he is expecting us to believe that the building of a massive high level nuclear waste dump in SA will be safe. What planet is he on? Power was restored to most of the State within a few hours, but an event that would disrupt the nuclear dump will take millions of years to recover from and potentially ruin the economy of SA.
Anonymous Hiroshima and Nagasaki were tiny bombs in comparison the the huge accumulation of high level waste that will be stored in a facility that will eventually crumble anyway and release its contents into the environment. We are also talking about transporting this material from around the world to SA, a process that will continue for many years. As with yesterday’s power event, you can’t predict what could go wrong so it would be foolish to expose the population of SA to such risks.From what I understand the plan is to store nuclear waste above ground until they can afford to build the underground facilities.
Does anyone believe they will actually get around to building the underground facilities in their lifetime? There will always be more important things to do like topping up politicians retirement funds.

Now consider this if you support the concept of above ground nuclear storage. What would it take to turn the storage plant into a massive dirty bomb?

Not much I am afraid an ICBM will do it. North Korea has those. Never mind the super powers.

October 10, 2016 - Posted by | General News

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