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Inconvenient responses on the South Australian govt’s Nuclear Your Say site

scrutiny-on-wastes-sa-bankruptSarah Huang “……… I have fell in love with the beautiful diverse ecosystem and landscape we preserve. Australia is known for its beautiful nature …… Infact the government should already know that we receive a large chunk of income from tourism after agriculture….

By taking the sum of money for this nuclear waste will not improve the economy on the long term. South Australia cannot take the risk, the risk is too great. If, even with the slightest chance of 0.001%, just if there was a leakage, the damage will be irreversible, South Australia will turn into my nightmare…..

Honestly, I doubt that sum of money not make any significant impact to benefit us individually. There are many better ways to establish and improve the economy…… Whatever the solution is, making our sanctuary, South Australia a nuclear dumpsite shouldn’t be one of them….

Rosanna Cappelluti “……they say that there would be no leakage, no problems with how they are stored – but how do they know? Its only been since what?, the 60’s that this stuff has been needing to be stored, that’s only 50+ years – its not hundreds of years, thousands of years…. how do they REALLY know and they will never know because THIS government won’t be around to know – its leaving an uncertain, unwanted legacy to future children who will not have made this decision.

There are articles out there that say that the containers that are meant to prevent leakage and keep people safe ARE leaking and not keeping people safe and no one is following proper procedures to ensure safety… what makes SA Government think they are going to get this right!!! when other countries who actually deal with nuclear waste cant even get it right ..

October 10, 2016 - Posted by | General News

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