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Witnesses recommended for the next Citizens’ Jury on Nuclear Waste Importing, South Australia

a-cat-CANThis is a full list of witnesses chosen by the Nuclear Citizens’ Jury on October 9th and invited to be witnesses for the next Nuclear Citizens’ Jury on 29 October.

Here I have endeavoured to shed light on the likely evidence of each, according to the following code :

GREEN = Anti-nuclear waste dumping  , Yellow – doubtful on waste importing.  ORANGE=Neutral – Uncertain, about waste dumping, BLACK = I don’t know, PINK = probably pro waste dumping , RED = Pro nuclear waste dumping

  • I ran into a spot of bother with the many Aboriginals recommended. As far as I can tell, they are all opposed to importing nuclear waste, except Parry Agius .  Some of the most prominent Aboriginal persons are: Kevin Buzzacott,  Karina Lester, Rose Lester, Vivienne McKenzie,  Enice Marsh.  
  • Some pro nuclear people might be opposed to the dump plan, so I put those in pink. 


Jury (1)Nuclear Citizens Jury Two: Witness work




No      List Ref               Name                                                  Votes              Theme

1              123      Richard Dennis                                      96                 Economics

2             121       Professor Richard Blandy                    54                Economics

3            128       Professor Barbara Pocock                   45                 Economics

4            179        Professor Brian Cox                             45                 Safety

5            166        Hon Nick Xenophon                            44                Trust

6             56         Paddy Crumlin                                                34                  Safety

7                1         Timo Aikas                                             34                   Safety

8                4        Professor Rodney Ewing                                  31               Safety

9           168         Dr Karl Kruszelnicki                                       30              Safety

10          116         Dr Simon Longstaff                                          29             Trust

11              5          Robert J Halstead                                           27             Safety

12            19          Dr Jim Green                                         25              Safety

13              9          Dr Carl Magnus‐Larsson                     25            Safety

14            162         Ian Hore‐Lacy                                       22            Economics

15              49       Professor Tilman Ruff, AM                  22             Safety

16              53         Frank Boulton                                                  21            Safety

17           188         Someone from the Attorney Generals Department to provide advice on the legislation that will be required to be developed/changed. DemocracyCo seeking advice on who.   Trust

18             124         Assoc. Professor Mark Diesendorf    20             Economics

19                 7          Dr Andrew Herczeg                                      20             Safety

20              42         Dr Ian Fairlie                                          19             Safety

21             137         Hon Mark Parnell, MLC                      18             Economics

22              39         Dr Margaret Beavis                               18             Safety

23             119       Assoc. Professor Haydon Manning               17            Trust

24            122          John Carlson AM                                   16          Economics

25           200         Dr Benito Cao                                                  16        Economics

26             18           Professor David Giles                                    16       Safety

27            115           Steven McIntosh                                           16          Trust

28              2              Dr Ian Chessell                                            14          Safety

29              34          Professor Sandy Steacy                                14             Safety

30              69          Gill McFadyen                                                11                 Consent

31              74            Dave Sweeney                                       10              Consent

32            104           Bob Watts                                                        9             Consent

33            76            Ross Womersley                                             8             Consent

34            72            Dr Gerald Ouzounian                                    7            Consent

35             73            Dan Spencer                                                      6              Consent

36          126           Tim Johnson                                          7 Economics Invited to provide info on the Royal Commission economic modelling after 20+ requests on Information Gap Cards Dotmocracy Results ‐ 25 plus a few extras to allow for availability Top 6 from Consent ‐ as Gill is unavailable.

Nuclear Citizens Jury Two: Witness work


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Never mind Nuclear Citizens’ Jury: Weatherill has go ahead for waste dump drafted already?

Weatherill glowSteve Charles, Your Say site, 10 Oct 2016 No matter what any of us say, and no matter whatever conclusions the jury’s are manipulated to come up with, Weatherill has no doubt already drafted his response to the whole process which will state that this has been a triumph of democracy and that the people have spoken, including the indigenous community, and guess what, the overriding sentiment is that the high level nuclear waste dump is to go ahead. I am just waiting to hear it. Then what do we do?

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The economic fallacy in the Nuclear Royal Commission’s argument – Your Say

scrutiny-on-wastes-sa-bankruptPeter Biggs  Your Say site, 11 Oct 2016  Nuclear waste would present us with a major headache in the future. First on a basic human scale humans always eventually make mistakes whether it be by poor design or anything else. This is why we have an enquiry every time a mistake is made to find out what went wrong. When we make a mistake with a Nuclear Waste Dump though no matter how big or small all the gains we make in the short term will be gone. Effectively SA will become an economic waste land, outsiders will see SA as that place that had the nuclear accident. Real Estate would plummet, any integrity in our food production would be gone we really would have no future, as it is until this is put away I would advise not to buy real estate in SA, nuclear waste dumps do add to your housing values.

Any business person apart from those in the nuclear industry can see the next flaw in the proposed nuclear waste dump. If by some miracle an incident did not happen in say the first 20 years many other providers would seek to duplicate the model of the waste dump to get some of that good dollar. The result would be that the economic boon would quickly reduce and soon disappear this is the very nature of business. Thus SA would have the burden of nuclear waste with none of the economic gain, tax payers would then have to step into maintain what would an incredibly expensive facility. I could go on but I won’t for now, this proposal is short sighted study history to get some perspective on what can go wrong not just in the nuclear industry but all human interactions.
I Love my state, I love Adelaide we are better than this. First state to give women the vote….not first nuclear waste dump in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Thought for the day. Why is Jay Weatherill backing a dead nuclear horse?

abbott-derekDerek Abbott   Thought for the day: We just had the 2nd US presidential debate. “Nuclear power” generation was not mentioned once by either candidate in their energy policy. Also there is zero mention of nuclear on both their campaign websites.

Looks like nuclear is a dead horse, and has it no political steam left. Why is Jay backing a dead horse?

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15 October Australia National Day of Action Against Nuclear Waste Dumps

text don't nuclear waste Australia

Reminder: Rally Against Nuclear Waste Dumps Sat 15 Oct


Lets come together to show our support for a nuclear free future!

We encourage all creativity so bring your banners, signs and costumes. Lets make it a great day.

Saturday October 15, 2016 marks 63 years since the first atomic bomb test at Emu Junction in South Australia.

The Federal Government is pursuing plans to build a national waste dump in the Flinders Ranges while a proposal for South Australia to take the worlds international high level nuclear waste continues to be progressed by the SA state government.

Communities across the state are saying ‘no way’.

We can do better than to take the worlds worst waste’.

NEW SOUTH WALES National Day of Action October 15
12pm Pitt Street Mall near King Street (Sydney CBD).
Gathering on Gadigal Land.
Speakers include Adnyamathanha Traditional Owner Juanella McKenzie.
Click here to view the Sydney Facebook event. Join Uranium Free NSW on October 15 to say ‘Don’t nuclear waste Australia’.

VICTORIA  This Saturday in Melbourne  Peaceful solidarity action. Saturday October 15, 11am‒1pmOutside Flinders St Train Station, cnr. Flinders & Swanston Sts.   South Australian Aboriginal First Nations face severe threats of nuclear waste dumps and need your support! The federal government is trying to impose a national nuclear waste dump in the Flinders Ranges despite the unanimous opposition of Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners. And the SA state government is promoting a plan to import 138,000 tonnes of high-level nuclear waste from around the world despite overwhelming opposition from First Nations.

Please join us on Saturday October 15, 11am‒1pm, outside Flinders St Train Station, for a peaceful, fun solidarity action to support South Australian First Nations in their struggle for country and culture.

Saturday October 15 also marks the 63rd anniversary of the first of the British atomic bomb tests in SA.

More information on the National Day of Action:


National Day of Action: No Nuclear Waste Dumps on Aboriginal Land!

City West Lotteries House (2 Delhi St West Perth) – 10.30am
Right now South Australia is we’re facing two nuclear waste dumps; a national dump in the beautiful Flinders Ranges and an international dump to take the world’s nuclear waste. The decision to import high level nuclear waste is a forever decision. Once we make it, there’s no going back. This is a decision that we cannot make for thousands of generations of future South Australians. On the 15th October, on the 63rd anniversary of the Emu Field atomic bomb tests, stand up for SA and join the National Day of action to say no to nuclear waste dumps in SA. Event Details *please share on facebook and social media

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