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A Nuclear Citizens’ Jury member thinks about CONSENT

thinkingTim Bickmore    Nuclear Citizens Jury Watch South Australia, 5 Nov 16 quotes from a Jury member ,  “….. I want to be assured by the government that any report drafted during this process will not be considered to substitute or abrogate the rights of other citizens who were not able to participate in this process. We have not been told how social consent will be obtained and the Premier has expressed opposition to a referendum, which has historically been used when significant legislative amendments which affected the rights of citizens have been proposed. How can I say go ahead and change the laws on behalf of other citizens? It is my strongly held view that I cannot, and indeed should not.

Our ability to give or withhold consent goes to human dignity, which is a fundamental human right. Much more needs to be done to obtain it, before any more South Australian public money is laid down by the government on this issue. ”

November 5, 2016 - Posted by | Nuclear Citizens Jury

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