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The Nuclear Royal Commission will be remembered as a hypocrisy

Tim Bickmore  0750/ Nuclear Citizens Jury Watch South Australia, 4 Nov 16 

CJ Message Board Nov4 by Yuri Poetzl “Any One Game to Touch This One? When this Nuclear Royal Commission saga gets reviewed down the track, I anticipate snippets of this footage will be featured in documentaries.

I know you are all busy, but you might want spare a couple of minutes and watch this you-tube clip of Kevin Scarces  2014 Investigator Lecture – Rear Admiral the Honourable Kevin Scarce AC CSC RAN Rtd

At the 39 minute mark ol’ mate Kev starts talking about expanding SA’s nuclear involvement. At the 47.30 mark he seems to admit being an advocate for the nuclear industry!

This was filmed before he was selected as Royal Commissioner and seems to contradict his later claims of impartiality. Does this diminish his credibility?

Under the Royal Commissions Act:   Royal Commissions are obliged to act with procedural fairness. This includes observing the rules of natural justice, which require an unbiased Commission…

Have the SA public received natural justice?

Have we been issued a fair and unbiased assessment of the Nuclear Industry, or have we been issued an extensive and expensive sales brochure?

The Royal Commission was over seen by Attorney General John Rau. Mr Rau has previously labelled community groups as “morons”.

I wonder what he thinks of citizen’s juries?”

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