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Julia Gillard on the need for education funding

a-cat-CANYou might wonder what this news item is doing on an antinuclear page. Well,it’s not because I’m a great fan of Julia Gillard.  However, I was so pleased to see what she is now doing.  I am convinced that education is the basic requirement for human society to survive.

America would not have got president elect Trump if that country had a decent, nation-wide, eductaion system. No wonder the under-priveleged battlers hate “the elites” – including the well-educated people who make fun of them.

The nuclear lobby, the climate deniers, thye bigots of all persuasions, will put it over a poorly educated puiblic.

Gillard,-Julia-1Education funding must be raised across globe or world will face crisis, Julia Gillard says ABC News, 11 Dedc 16 The world is facing a crisis if countries do not increase their education budgets and get more children into school, warns former prime minister Julia Gillard, now chair of global education funding agency the Global Partnership for Education (GPE)……..

Ms Gillard said this was a crisis not just for the individual children missing out on school, but also at the global economy level.

“One of things we have learned is that we can overcome these problems if we try,” Ms Gillard told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“This isn’t the equivalent of saying let’s go to Mars or let’s go to Pluto. This isn’t something that no human being has done before.

“It’s not that at all. If every country was improving its education system as the rate of the top 25 countries — in their income band — then we would solve all these problems and be on track to have a learning generation with every child in school.”

Ms Gillard, who was speaking ahead of a two-day conference on children’s rights in New Delhi, said it was imperative both domestic and overseas financing were made available as one of the first efforts to get children into school.

She said 20 per cent of government budgets, or 6 per cent of gross domestic product, would be an indication a country was trying to make a real difference to the education of children, yet many countries were failing to achieve that level.

According to the Education Commission, low- and middle-income countries’ expenditure on education was $US1 trillion ($1.3 trillion) in 2015, but should have been almost three times that, at $US2.7 trillion by 2030.

Ms Gillard said foreign aid was also meagre, with only 3 per cent of overseas assistance going towards education…..

“Education is a pretty patient investment in quite an impatient world. People want to see quick results. It takes years to educate a child.

“But if this continues, we will see a generation which simply doesn’t have the skills and capacities to make a life for themselves and the next generation of children will be less likely to survive infanthood, less likely to be vaccinated and less likely to go to school themselves.”

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