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Time that the Sunday Mail moved beyond pro nuclear spruiking

media-propagandaDennis Matthews, 12 Dec 16, Sunday Mail’s editorial on new ideas (11/12/16) strikes me as opportunistic and misguided.

After a bankrupt and desperate SA Government spent over $10million of our money in a failed attempt to foist a nuclear dump on SA we still have people who want to go ahead not just with the dump but with the whole nuclear disaster. They want the SA Government to throw good money after bad.

In doing so they not only want to disregard the citizens jury but the heavily pro-nuclear Royal Commission, which found that the only solution was to treat SA like some third world economy, which should be grateful to import the world’s growing stockpiles of nuclear waste. A thing that no other country has done or wants to do including those that have existing nuclear industries.

The pro-nuclear Royal Commission ruled out any other part of the nuclear industry. This includes nuclear submarines, nuclear power and nuclear fuel production.

Time for the Sunday Mail to move on.


December 12, 2016 - Posted by | General News

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