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Will Tepco Dump 770,000 tons of Tritiated Water Into the Pacific Ocean???

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Massive amounts of radiation-contaminated water that has been processed and stored in hundreds of tanks at the plant are hindering decommissioning work and pose a safety risk in case another massive quake or tsunami strikes.

“TEPCO needs to release the water — which contains radioactive tritium that is not removable but considered not harmful in small amounts — into the Pacific Ocean”, de lared Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s new Chairman Takashi Kawamura during an interview at the TEPCO headquarters in Tokyo on Thursday, July 13, 2017.

The method is favored by experts at the International Atomic Energy Agency and Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority as the only realistic option. Earlier, TEPCO had balked at calls by NRA chairman Shunichi Tanaka for controlled release of the water, now exceeding 770,000 metric tons, into the sea, fearing a public backlash.

Tepco’s intention to release more than 770,000 metric tons of tritiated water into…

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  1. Unanticipated problems with nuclear energy and waste pose serious threats. Now that it’s clear this form of energy production will never be competitive, it’s time to get serious about decommissioning and replacing the existing power plants with wind and solar.

    Comment by GarryRogers | July 18, 2017 | Reply

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