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18 July REneweconomy news

  • GE: Some Australia regions to be 100% renewable in 5-10 years
    GE says parts of Australia will soon get all electricity from renewables, at least for a few days a year, as utility business models disrupted.
  • AGL’s Vesey: Clean Energy Target should recognise Paris climate agreement
    AGL adds pressure to Turnbull government, saying CET needs to be adopted, and needs to reflect Paris climate targets.
  • Australia’s $10 billion renewable energy boom: But then what?
    A $10 billion clean energy investment boom in 2017 could quickly fade without longer term policies. Labor tries to wedge Turnbull on climate policy, just as it did in 2009, while the Greens also say they would look at a Clean Energy Target.
  • Clean-tech stocks outperform general market again, as smart investors buy in
    It is no surprise that, regardless of the fickleness of environmental politics, smart investors are buying into the businesses that are redefining how we live.
  • NSW launches home battery guide, as race to “plug hole” threatens industry
    New South Wales issues set of home battery storage guidelines, as industry warns against “jumping to an endgame” on safety.
  • Peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging network launched in Sydney
    Sydney start-up Everty launches P2P platform allowing electric vehicle owners to rent out their parking space, and home charger, to others.
  • Barnaby’s warning: Biggest threat to renewables is lights out in Sydney
    Deputy PM says Sydney blackout could be end of road for renewables, although NSW Coalition minister earlier praised role of wind and solar in preventing blackout.

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