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19 July REneweconomy news

  • Coal has lost the energy war, so why are we still fighting?
    The political fight for coal power in Australia is already lost. Meanwhile, we are missing all the clean energy opportunities that have fallen into our lap.
    LO3 unveils ‘game-changing’ solar sharing microgrid in South Australia
    US-based energy sharing company LO3 partners with Yates Electrical to build 6MW solar microgrid in SA Riverland region.
    Turnbull’s coal delusions as COAG “changes course” on energy
    If COAG did change the course of energy in Australia, it is not immediately obvious, given Turnbull’s coal delusion comments. Much will depend on how Finkel recommendations are put in place, and the storage equation and the make-up of the energy security board are critical.
    Know your NEM: Generator Reliability Option might be dumb idea
    The COAG endorsement of the Finkel Review (apart from the CET) won’t mean much in the short term, but the generator reliability option might be a dumb idea. Meantime, smart companies are showing how to save costs with solar and storage.
    National Electricity Market has served its purpose – it’s time to move on
    The NEM has failed. Its very narrow economic objective was to provide low prices, reliable and safe energy, and to act in the long term interests of consumers. It hasn’t.

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