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23 August REneweconomy news

  • BOC to collaborate with CSIRO on revolutionary $3.4m hydrogen project
    BOC will support CSIRO during its $3.4 million ammonia to hydrogen cracking and membrane purification project that is set to revolutionise the global supply chain for hydrogen.
  • Know your NEM: Wind output and “baseload” renewables
    Are Australia’s wind farms living up to expectations? Why the market preferred Origin’s results to AGL’s; and a dive into the Windlab prospectus and its “busload” wind and solar plant.
  • Battery install standard needs to change, not be thrown on scrapheap
    Changes to the draft Australian Standard for installing home battery units are essential, but it is also important to ensure appropriate technical standards are in place to ensure consumers are protected, the Clean Energy Council said today.
  • Victoria to unveil wind and solar tenders in push for 40% renewables
    Major renewable energy tender announcements expected from Victoria, along with more details of state renewable energy target architecture.
  • California grid survives solar eclipse, as Australia prepares for 2028
    California’s solar-centric grid manages eclipse without a hitch. In Australia, preparations already being made for 2028 eclipse.
  • Super cheap solar – and why that’s good for Australia’s mining sector
    Solar pioneer Martin Green says solar PV will fall to $US10/MWh within a few years, but this will be good news for Australia’s mining industry because the fall in Australia’s thermal coal exports will be offset by a factor of more than 5 by demand for other resources.
  • AEMC backs down on rooftop “solar tax” proposal
    Energy market rule maker backs down on proposal to charge solar households to export excess PV generation back to the grid.
  • Why solar towers and storage plants will reshape energy markets,
    More details emerge of the contract for the Port Augusta solar tower and storage project, and why it means huge change for energy markets, and a shift of focus from “base-load” fossil fuel to clean, flexible capacity built around “base-cost” renewables.
  • “Unaccredited” rooftop solar installer nabbed by Clean Energy Regulator
    Clean Energy Regulator continues rooftop solar crack-down, this time taking action against “unaccredited” individual installer.
  • Aurora: What you should know about Port Augusta’s solar power-tower
    Much has been written about the $650m Aurora project, and I set out here to collect together what is known and fill in some of the gaps.
  • By train or by ship, transporting coal causes trouble
    Derailment of 30 coal wagons is just latest in long list of coal transport accidents which highlight risks from shipping fossil fuels long distances to markets.

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