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Chinese Spy Boat Near Australia; Joint Naval Exercises Between China and Russia; and the Rise of a Naval Power

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Adm. Harry B. Harris, commander of U.S. Pacific Command, left, and Royal Australian Navy Vice Adm. David Johnston, Australian Defense Force Chief of Joint Operations, unfurl the ceremonial Talisman Saber 2017 flag. (U.S. Navy/MC2 Sarah Villegas)

(When reading about the Baltic Sea exercises, discussed below, it important to note that Russia occupied Kaliningrad after World War II and continues to do so. It is not attached to the rest of Russia. Formerly Königsberg, the 762 year old city was renamed Kaliningrad on July 4, 1946.)

Originally published by the Australian Institute of International Affairs:
Chinese Gunboats and the Rise of a Naval Power
27 JUL 2017, By Daniel Steedman
The revelation that China had a spy ship off Australia’s coast recently is only part of a bigger story. With activities in Africa and naval exercises with Russia it appears China is flexing some strategic muscle, raising questions for Australian policymakers.

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