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Global Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons

The 10-page treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons will be open for signatures from any UN member state on 20 September during the annual general assembly.

On 7 July, the United Nations adopted the “Nuclear Weapons Treaty” with an overwhelming majority – an epoch-making agreement that prohibits not only the development, experiment, manufacture, possession, and use of nuclear weapons, but also the “threat to use”. Nuclear and chemical weapons, and anti-personnel landmines and cluster bombs were also banned.

The U.N. decided to start negotiations for the treaty after a series of three conferences on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. It’s been a long and painstaking journey, for people of decency and good faith, from the first conference in Oslo, Norway in March 2013, to the most recent, in July 2017 when the global Treaty was adopted by 122 nations. Now, this month, nations can ratify this Treaty – a positive step in the movement towards a sane world. It is not too late for more countries to join.

September 9, 2017 - Posted by | General News

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