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 Ignore looming climate change at your peril

 Chris McGirr, Bathurst, Western Advocate, 8 Sept 17   WIDESPREAD research indicates that 2017 is the cut-off point for preventing runaway climate change. Carbon emissions are required to be ground to a halt by the end of this year if we wish for our planet to remain safely habitable into the future. This clearly won’t happen.

The majority of the rest of the world are implementing strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Australia is currently the world’s highest carbon emitter per capita; the world leader in destructive practices and ignorant policies, with NSW being the most profligate offender. Bathurst has clearly taken a ‘gloves off’ approach to the future, daring it with macho bravado to ‘do its worst’.

The majority of government websites worldwide have information regarding pending climate change threats, regardless of the fact they won’t tell you this to your face.

The Bathurst region is predicted to experience an extra 30 days of extreme heat per annum. Rainfall will become even less reliable, and extreme weather events more common. Population displacement from coastal and remote areas will be headed our way.

 Any person holding or seeking to hold public office who is not considering these outcomes is negligent, and will be responsible for the failure of this region to adapt and to become a morally responsible and sustainable city.

For centuries it was widely accepted that the merchant class should not be allowed to hold the reins of power due to their obvious self-serving, profit-driven motives. These rules were eroded, and the Great Depression happened. Rules were reinstated, things improved. The rules were eroded again – the Global Financial Crisis happened. ….he Great Inland Penrith that Bathurst has become over the past few years will not have a sustainable future given its current trajectory. Now is our only chance to get it right.

The next 50 years will see the environmental conditions of our region transform so dramatically that we can’t wait.

We have a federal member voting away our right to a fair rate of pay; a state member staring forlornly at what may perhaps one day possibly become an extra parking spot; and local representatives burying their heads in the potholes. Governments and corporations worldwide are preparing. Why aren’t we?

Intelligence and vision are required here like never before.

I am not a member of, or affiliated with, any political party.

September 9, 2017 - Posted by | General News


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