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Australia: nuclear, climate, pollution news this week

Sometimes, it seems  a bit ridiculous to single out the nuclear danger, or the climate danger, from all the other insults that human beings are throwing at the planet. Wars and violence are bad enough, but the overall big killer now is pollution especially where it’s combined with poverty.  It’s surely time to take a global view of our punished biosphere. It’s affecting us, and the biggest organisms, and the smallest  – as with the massive decline in flying insects.

Anyway – to nuclear news. Apart from the ever dangling sword of Damocles situation of North Korea, the news for the so-called peaceful nuclear industry is pretty bleak. The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2017 has just been released, and even in China things are crook.



South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission – South Australian Greens leader Mark Parnell pointed out that it should always have been a National issue, not just a South Australian one, and that the Commission’s advisers were overwhelmingly from the nuclear lobby. In South Australian Parliament, Greens aim to restore Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Act.– Business South Australia – a strident pro nuclear lobbyist -ruled to not be a ‘charity’ – still a strident voice for the nuclear lobby.

ANSTO calls High Level Nuclear Waste – “Intermediate Level” – fooling the public –Sick-making propaganda spin, as ANSTO pays rural South Australians to visit Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.

90 organisations join ICAN in calling for the government to sign and ratify the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

News Corpse relates Cory Bernardi’s misleading statements on thorium nuclear power.

CLIMATE. Bureau of Meteorology predicts 3 warmer than usual months for Australia. Fossil fuel lobby now dictates Australia’s energy policy: Energy Security Board instructed to ignore Paris climate commitments.– Bob Brown: High Court decision ensures free speech against environmentally polluting companies, like Adani.

Coal and Adani mine project.

ENERGY. Survey shows that Turnbull, Frydenberg and Abbott’s electorates back 50% renewables target. Victoria’s Renewable Energy Target now becomes law.   Solar energy: from day one Australian business solar projects pay for themselves. More at


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