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The Week That Was in Climate and Nuclear News Australia

The UN Climate Change Conference will take place 6-17 November in Bonn, Germany and will be presided over by the Government of Fiji. The COP is the forum where UN members meet to discuss how they will limit climate change. This year’s edition, COP23, is more about preparing procedural decisions than reaching agreements as in Paris. Nevertheless, there will be interesting discussions and protests.  With America now out of climate accords, China is taking the lead.

The nuclear industry is sulking, as it did in 2015, because United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) has again, in 2017 rejected its call for nuclear to be included as “clean”, and rejected its sponsorship. – This is of vital importance to the failing global nuclear industry – to get the UN to classify it as “clean” would be a lifeline. 

Meanwhile – it’s not as if the nuclear war threat has gone away.


Examining the hype in Australia about space exploration.

CLIMATE. Downunder, we hear little,  if anything, about the UN Climate Conference. I don’t know if we’re even sending  a representative. If we do, you can be sure that it will be only to continue the hypocrisy and downright sabotage of climate action that has been Australia’s role for many years.  Australian emissions to ‘far exceed’ 2030 Paris pledge.

At the moment, the Australian government is gripped in utter paralysis– which is rather good, as they can’t make any awful decisions, indeed, any decisions.

The $16-billion Adani coal mine project is dividing the Australian public.

NUCLEAR.  Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop ‘s timely warning on the danger if USA were to scrap the Iran nuclear agreement.   Minerals Council of Australia is angry with United Nations – for not including nuclear power in climate action  American pro nuclear propagandist Michael Shellenger is visiting Australia, and getting uncritical coverage from mainstream media. He’s talking mainly to mining industry meetings.

South Australia: Greens Bill passes Parliament’s Upper House – aiming to stop the waste of money on promoting nuclear waste dumping. Nuclear fuel waste: Extended Storage at Lucas Heights or target SA?

ENERGY.  Australia’s clean energy transition is underway – and fast!   Clean Energy Finance Corporation triples investment in renewable projects to $2 billion. South Australia’s Whyalla to become a booming renewable energy hub.  Well deserved award for RenewEconomy founder Giles Parkinson. Lotsa news at

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