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COP23 What’s at stake? #StopAdani #ClimateChange is changing the planet. 


COP23: What’s at stake?
International climate agreements are hard-won through laborious negotiations and COP23 will be no different.

The event may be taking place in Bonn, but Fiji’s presidency sends a clear signal to the likes of Donald Trump.

Usually, the country holding presidency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) hosts it’s annual conference.
But Fiji, the country with that honor in 2017, was in no position to accomodate the 25,000 negotiators, environmental activists and journalists converging on COP23 from around the world. Apart from anything, the South Pacific island nation doesn’t have convention center anywhere near large enough.

Fiji’s President Bainimarama will put the plight of island nations center-stage

So, from November 6 to 17, the hordes are descending instead on Bonn, Germany — home of the UNFCCC headquarters.

But Fiji will preside over the event — or more specifically, the country’s president, former naval…

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