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Long search for compensation, for Gabon’s sick uranium miners

For Gabon’s sickly uranium miners, a long quest for compensation, , 27 Nov 17“We are all sick. It’s our health, and we are being conned,” Moise Massala says angrily.

The 82-year-old is a retired geochemist who used to work in a uranium mine in Gabon owned by French nuclear giant Areva.

He and hundreds of other former workers say they fell ill from their work to extract the uranium — a source of nuclear power and warheads, but toxic and potentially carcinogenic.

The miners worked for an Areva subsidiary — the Compagnie des mines d’uranium de Franceville, better known by its abbreviation of COMUF.

Over 38 years, the mine extracted some 26,000 tonnes of uranium near Mounana, southeastern Gabon, before closing in 1999 after the global price of uranium fell and the seam of ore began to thin.

By the end of 2016, 367 former workers had died from “pulmonary respiratory infections” linked to working in the mine, according to MATRAC, a campaign group gathering 1,618 former employees.

The surviving miners, many of them old and sick, have unsuccessfully demanded compensation for 12 years in the belief they were exposed to dangerous levels of uranium contamination.

Areva, a multi-billion-dollar business majority-owned by the French state, has repeatedly denied that it has any case to answer. Continue reading

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Lidia Thorpe, Victoria’s first Aboriginal woman Member of Parliament speaks out

State’s first Aboriginal woman MP Lidia Thorpe speaks of genocide, lingering disadvantage, The Age, 29 Nov 17, Adam Carey  “…… Ms Thorpe, who replaced Labor’s Fiona Richardson as member for Northcote following the late minister’s death from cancer in August, began her speech with a statement of defiance on behalf of Victoria’s Aboriginal people, noting that they “have never ceded sovereignty”.

“Being Aboriginal is not all I am, but it’s the centre of who I am,” Ms Thorpe said.

“My mother’s family lived their lives as refugees in their own country, on Gunnai land in Gippsland.

 “They were poisoned, shot and herded off cliffs in one of the most ruthless and systematic attempted genocides the world has ever seen.”

Ms Thorpe told Parliament she would fight to put Indigenous people at the heart of political decision-making, in a fiery speech that coincided with the release of a troubling report that revealed Victoria is struggling to close the gap of disadvantage between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Victorians……..

Ms Thorpe paid tribute to “the strong line of Aboriginal women before me”, especially her grandmother Alma Thorpe, a prominent Indigenous health activist, who watched from the front row of the public gallery.

Lidia Thorpe was sworn in as an MP on Tuesday, the day Victoria’s annual report into Indigenous wellbeing was tabled in Parliament. ……….

Ms Thorpe’s first speech also made reference to the modern-day impact of historical dispossession.

“In Victoria in 2017, Aboriginal children are still being removed from families, and our literacy rates are among the lowest in the state,” she said.

“Our people are locked up at a rate 11 times higher than the general population. This is not because of fundamental flaws in their character but because of a system that has written them off.”

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1 December REneweconomy News


  • It’s 30 years since scientists first warned of climate threat to Australia
    In November 30, 1987 Australian scientists officially sounded the climate alarm. No one can say we haven’t been warned.
  • Wind power prices have plummeted again in Germany
    The predicted price of onshore wind in Germany is now half the EU’s projections for 2030, following an auction in Germany this week.
  • Tesla big battery shows off its flexibility in final testing
    Tesla battery goes through final testing with a rapid series of charging and discharging – never seen before on Australia’s ageing dumb grid.
  • Finkel’s frustration: Everyone else has a strategy, but not Australia
    Finkel vents his frustrations in final energy speech of the year, dumping on six biggest myths about electricity market, and delivering brick-bats to both policy makers and regulators.
  • Aera Energy and GlassPoint to build California’s largest solar energy project
    Aera Energy to install first-of-its-kind solar project to reduce oilfield emissions.
  • Vestas, CWP get serious about plan to export Pilbara solar and wind to Asia
    Sceptics might call it crazy to run a clean power ‘extension cord’ all the way to Indonesia, but the ELEXI plan to export Pilbara generated renewable energy to Asia has a serious team behind it.


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Air Pollution is Criminal Negligence causing death #StopAdani #auspol #qldpol


Words like climate change, green house syndrome and Kyoto Protocol appear to have no bearing on the minds of Indian authorities, whose responsibility it is to make the lives of the citizens more livable.

Today, the entire nation is expressing concern over the health emergency situation that prevails in Delhi, which is not only ringing alarm bells but also spreading a fear-psychosis all over.

The killer smog-haze intensified by smoke or other atmospheric pollutants-is back to wreak havoc.

It has blanketed the entire National Capital Region (NCR).

The recurrence of smog is symptomatic of the toxic indifference of the powers-that-be, which has given birth to this man-made and easily avoidable catastrophe.

The apathy of the officials needs to be condemned in no uncertain terms because they have become oblivious of the agonising travails of the people.

That is criminal negligence of the worst order.

It was way back in 2008…

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Hot Blob off Southeast Australia Fuels Life-Threatening Rain Bomb Event


Hot Blobs. These pools of severe warmth at the ocean surface have, during recent years, fueled all kinds of climate change related extreme weather ranging from droughts to floods to record hurricanes.

(Hot blob southeast of Australia features ocean temperatures as high as 8 F [4.5 C] above average. This is an extreme climate and severe weather-triggering feature related to climate change. One that has also been associated with strong, persistent atmospheric ridges and related high pressure systems. Image source: Earth Nullschool.)

The blobs themselves often form under persistent and strong high pressure systems which lock-in both heat and high rates of evaporation. These highs, sometimes called resilient ridges, are thought by a number of experts to be an upshot of changes to both atmospheric circulation and energy balance as a result of the Earth warming. They are an example of the kinds of extreme climate…

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