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1 December REneweconomy News


  • It’s 30 years since scientists first warned of climate threat to Australia
    In November 30, 1987 Australian scientists officially sounded the climate alarm. No one can say we haven’t been warned.
  • Wind power prices have plummeted again in Germany
    The predicted price of onshore wind in Germany is now half the EU’s projections for 2030, following an auction in Germany this week.
  • Tesla big battery shows off its flexibility in final testing
    Tesla battery goes through final testing with a rapid series of charging and discharging – never seen before on Australia’s ageing dumb grid.
  • Finkel’s frustration: Everyone else has a strategy, but not Australia
    Finkel vents his frustrations in final energy speech of the year, dumping on six biggest myths about electricity market, and delivering brick-bats to both policy makers and regulators.
  • Aera Energy and GlassPoint to build California’s largest solar energy project
    Aera Energy to install first-of-its-kind solar project to reduce oilfield emissions.
  • Vestas, CWP get serious about plan to export Pilbara solar and wind to Asia
    Sceptics might call it crazy to run a clean power ‘extension cord’ all the way to Indonesia, but the ELEXI plan to export Pilbara generated renewable energy to Asia has a serious team behind it.



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