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The week in nuclear news – Australia

With regret, this newsletter is now going to focus mainly on nuclear issues. Climate change is no less important – indeed the harsh reality of climate change  is worse than we thought.  Climate change is being covered brilliantly by excellent websites, such as Radio Ecoshock and Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are being left out, too, despite their huge importance.  The new, narrower, focus is just because it’s all been getting, too much, too hard, and – newsletter too long.

My thanks to Lonnie Clarke of The Age of Fission– radio programme, (Missouri) for her information service, and for interviewing me this week .  Also thanks to  David Archer (TMI Podcasts) (Toronto) for the interview today.

With the Trump government now overturning net neutrality laws, it becomes ever more important for all the avenues of independent media to work together to spread information on the nuclear threat.


Dr Margaret Beavis on the value of United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Nuclear wastes. Revealed – Some politics behind the failed South Australian push to import nuclear wastes- MPs paid by Taiwanese government to travel to Taiwan to discuss funding of nuclear waste facility. Taiwanese government denied claims by Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith’s that Taiwan  would fund the building of a waste facility.

Is the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Protection Agency (ARPANSA) dedicated to promoting the nuclear industry rather more than promoting public safety?

Aboriginal anger over lack of action to stop Scots nuclear waste transfers.

Cabinet papers reveal:

Rare earths mining in Central Australia approved

Micro grids taking off in a big way In Australia.

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