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Local indigenous not impressed! ANSTO brought an indigenous nuclear spruiker from New South Wales to Flinders Ranges

Heather Mckenzie Stuart  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 5 May Why is ANSTO and DIIS bringing a yaninjanha yura from Darwahl tribe in NSW to Hawker in the Flinders Ranges, making trouble saying urdnus are the only ones protesting against the proposed nuclear waste dump at Barndioota and are using yuras?

We go to protests and we will keep going to protests we will stand against the vartani. Anyway who gives that man the right to come here and talk in Adnyamathanha country, Wilyaru mirus and Adnyamathanha artuyani yarta. This is our ancestors lands, he has no shame we wouldnt go and talk in his yarta about his country. Dont come here pushing a nuclear waste dump on us, keep the poison in your country. You ANSTO and DIIS keep that yura in his country and let him dribble his rubbish over there in NSW. Hands off our sacred sites and stay in your yarta!! Ps his cultural consultancy means nothing to us, he want to stay at Lucas Heights.

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Australia’s “Nuclear Archbishop” Dr Adi Paterson, graced Kimba with a visit



Dr Paterson visited Kimba on Friday with Carmelo Pesce, the mayor of the Sutherland Shire, which is home to the Lucas Heights reactor. According to the Eyre Tribune, the nuclear guru promised  “45 jobs [that] will vary from full-time work, to shift work and on-call.

Dr Paterson said the announcement to the Kimba Economic Working Group and Consultative Committee and other members of the community received a positive reaction.  ……..

If the proposed facility does go ahead in Kimba, Dr Paterson said it would receive a number of ongoing visits.

“There would be ongoing visits from independent regulators, visiting scientist and general visitors like tourists and school groups.”


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Fears that uranium market will grind to a halt, price sinks again

Uranium Loses Power as U.S. Miners Seek Protection, WSJ By Rhiannon Hoyle, 
 Fears that uranium will be the next commodity swept up in the U.S.’s trade offensive have the market grinding to a halt.

The price of U3O8, a common uranium compound used mainly in nuclear-power generation, has already sunk 12% this year to roughly $21 a pound—near its 12-year low of $18, struck in 2016—according to the Ux Consulting Co…..   (subscribers only)

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BHP, Heathgate, and Turnbull government keen to sell uranium to India

Boost to nuclear-power: Two Australian firms in talks to export uranium to India, The Indian Express,  by Anil Sasi | New Delhi   May 2, 2018 

Two Australian companies BHP Billiton, the world’s biggest mining company, and Heathgate Resources, an affiliate of US company General Atomics, are in discussions with the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) for exporting uranium to India.

A sales contract for enabling the transfer, which is part of the ongoing commercial negotiations between Australian uranium vendors and India’s DAE on fuel contracts for civil nuclear-power generation, is currently under discussion, officials indicated…..

A steady supply of uranium is good news for the country’s nuclear power sector, something that is expected to boost the performance of Indian nuclear power plants, as well as of several fuel cycle facilities.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had signed an agreement with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for civil nuclear cooperation in September 2014, clearing the way for uranium sales. Australia’s current PM, Malcolm Turnbull, had said in April last year that he was looking forward to exporting uranium to India “as soon as possible” after holding talks with the Indian PM. Ongoing discussions with Melbourne-based BHP and Adelaide-based Heathgate Resources are aimed at formalising commercial contracts to enable uranium shipments to India. …….


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American climate denialist Scott Pruitt’s would have been c o-hosted by the climate denying IPA

Climate sceptic group IPA suggested as co-host of Australian visit by Trump’s environment chief, Scott Pruitt’s cancelled trip would have promoted ‘innovation deregulation’, emails released under FoI show  Guardian,  Adam Morton.4 May 18The climate sceptic thinktank the Institute of Public Affairs was mooted as a co-host of an Australian visit by Donald Trump’s beleaguered Environment Protection Agency head, Scott Pruitt, which may have included discussion with local officials on whether environmental deals should be changed or cancelled.

Emails released to the US environment group the Sierra Club under freedom of information laws show that Matthew Freedman, a Washington consultant who describes himself as “a close personal friend” of the Australian environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, played a central role in organising Pruitt’s proposed August trip before it was cancelled when Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas gulf coast.

In the US, the emails are of interest as evidence that Pruitt relied on business figures and lobbyists to plan and justify his overseas travel. They were first published by the New York Times.

From an Australian perspective, they give insight into Pruitt’s proposed agenda and schedule. They discuss focusing on promoting “innovation deregulation”, federal-state relations and how to counter potential disagreements with Australian officials about climate change. The EPA administrator rejects mainstream climate science and worked closely with fossil fuel companies to reduce environmental regulation when he was Oklahoma’s attorney general.

Freedman suggested that Pruitt meet several members of the Australian government including the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull (listed as “Malcomb”), the foreign minister, Julie Bishop, the trade minister, Steve Ciobo, and the then resources minister, Matt Canavan, along with Frydenberg …..

Roskam also recommended Pruitt meet Maurice Newman, a former chair of Tony Abbott’s business advisory council who has described global warming as “a delusion”, the former Productivity Commission head Gary Banks and the economist Henry Ergas …..

Roskam said Freedman, the US embassy in Canberra and the US consulate in Melbourne had approached the IPA about Pruitt’s potential visit. He said the organisation had welcomed the chance to “work closely with the world’s leading advocate for cutting environmental red tape” …….

Pruitt faces 11 federal investigations in the US, including into his spending on travel and his business relationships with lobbyists. Freedman worked on national security-related issues for Trump’s transition team but was removed after using a personal email address to conduct government business.

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Inaugural Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Conference  Pledges Full Support For Uluru Statement From The Heart

by Mua communications on May 03, 2018

‘The newly-formed Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union has held
its inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander conference in Far North Queensland,
where delegates pledged their full support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

‘More than 60 rank and file Indigenous members from a diverse range of industries
— including building sites, mines, the waterfront, seafaring, manufacturing and forestry
— came together in Cairns.

‘The inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Conference resolved that the union
would campaign politically and within the community
in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, in particular for the
creation of a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice and a
Makarrata Commission to implement the process of truth telling and treaty.

Conference coordinator and MUA Northern Territory Branch Secretary Thomas Mayor,
who has in recent times been a full time advocate to convince Australians
to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart, said the newly merged union
was determined to build on its strong history of supporting First Nations people. …

New report says Turnbull Government’s remote work-for-the-dole program failing on every measure

‘More than 90 members of the new union protested against the Turnbull Government’s
controversial work for the dole program known as the Community Development Program (CDP).

‘Mayor said the protest was against the CDP’s low wages for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

‘“CDP is a program that discriminates against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people,” he said. …. ‘

Read more of this comprehensive & groundbreaking article:

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The world needs to hear, repeatedly, the simple message on urgency of climate change (and of nuclear threat, too)

SELLING THE SCIENCE OF CLIMATE CHANGE , Climate One, 4 May 18, The scientific consensus is that human activity is cooking the planet and disrupting our economies. Yet many people still don’t  believe that climate change will affect them personally. Or they deny that the problem is urgent enough to take action that would disrupt their lifestyles. Why has communicating the facts about climate change to the public been such a challenge?

“Facts don’t work by themselves,” says David Fenton, founder and chairman of Fenton Communications. “Facts only really work when one, they’re embedded in moral narratives.  Secondly, facts don’t work unless they’re embedded in stories. And third, the brain only absorbs messages that are simple and that are repeated.”…….

“Part of my job,” he explains, “is to help scientists speak English and acceptable accurate drama.”

Fenton believes in exploiting the findings of cognitive science to deliver otherwise complex messages. “Only campaigns work,” he stresses, “Only the repetition – I’m repeating myself I know – of simple messages changes public opinion and affects the brain.”

Fenton notes that while it’s hard to be optimistic when you hang out with climate scientists, he remains so because the climate movement has never really tried to reach the general public at a scale similar to a national advertising campaign – let alone the disinformation campaign of the fossil fuel industry…….    Climate One is presented in association with KQED Public Radio.


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