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American climate denialist Scott Pruitt’s would have been c o-hosted by the climate denying IPA

Climate sceptic group IPA suggested as co-host of Australian visit by Trump’s environment chief, Scott Pruitt’s cancelled trip would have promoted ‘innovation deregulation’, emails released under FoI show  Guardian,  Adam Morton.4 May 18The climate sceptic thinktank the Institute of Public Affairs was mooted as a co-host of an Australian visit by Donald Trump’s beleaguered Environment Protection Agency head, Scott Pruitt, which may have included discussion with local officials on whether environmental deals should be changed or cancelled.

Emails released to the US environment group the Sierra Club under freedom of information laws show that Matthew Freedman, a Washington consultant who describes himself as “a close personal friend” of the Australian environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, played a central role in organising Pruitt’s proposed August trip before it was cancelled when Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas gulf coast.

In the US, the emails are of interest as evidence that Pruitt relied on business figures and lobbyists to plan and justify his overseas travel. They were first published by the New York Times.

From an Australian perspective, they give insight into Pruitt’s proposed agenda and schedule. They discuss focusing on promoting “innovation deregulation”, federal-state relations and how to counter potential disagreements with Australian officials about climate change. The EPA administrator rejects mainstream climate science and worked closely with fossil fuel companies to reduce environmental regulation when he was Oklahoma’s attorney general.

Freedman suggested that Pruitt meet several members of the Australian government including the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull (listed as “Malcomb”), the foreign minister, Julie Bishop, the trade minister, Steve Ciobo, and the then resources minister, Matt Canavan, along with Frydenberg …..

Roskam also recommended Pruitt meet Maurice Newman, a former chair of Tony Abbott’s business advisory council who has described global warming as “a delusion”, the former Productivity Commission head Gary Banks and the economist Henry Ergas …..

Roskam said Freedman, the US embassy in Canberra and the US consulate in Melbourne had approached the IPA about Pruitt’s potential visit. He said the organisation had welcomed the chance to “work closely with the world’s leading advocate for cutting environmental red tape” …….

Pruitt faces 11 federal investigations in the US, including into his spending on travel and his business relationships with lobbyists. Freedman worked on national security-related issues for Trump’s transition team but was removed after using a personal email address to conduct government business.

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  1. Partial pressure co2 in the atmosphere is now 400ppm. We burn 5 quadrillion barrels of oil a year. Some fool may say co2 was 7000 in the cambrian but humans did not live then. We hac unique physiological tolerences. We are all going insane. I think when co2 is 425 everybody on earth will be so demented they will not be able to think right, function, or be rational any more. Most are insane pack animals that follow more insane alpha monkeys that tell everyone to murder and massacre each other anyway. When u add up the heavy metal, the chemicals, the radionuclides, the methane, carbon monoxide that we breath eat and drink, it is well beyond what all humans can tolerate and stay healthy and sane. It is so far out of any normal range of functioning. IT is into the range of poisoning, lethality, cognitive dysfunction, massive morbidity, we think therefore we are, and soon we will not think and therefore we will not b

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    Comment by Len Richards | May 5, 2018 | Reply

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