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The Custody Notification System saves Aboriginal lives. Why isn’t it national?

Gerry Georgatos   @GerryGeorgatosle’ 14 Mar 2018

‘We know that notifying an Aboriginal legal service
when an Aboriginal person is arrested saves lives and costs little.
The lack of nationwide action is unacceptable

‘The CNS has been championed by the federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Senator Nigel Scullion.
We have had a number of conversations about the CNS and he gets it,
he understands the need for it to be rolled out nationally.

‘He saved the CNS in NSW and the ACT by funding it to mid-2019,
pulling together the $1.8m out of his portfolio,
even though it was the responsibility of other portfolio holders.

‘The CNS has also been championed by WA’s Senator Sue Lines
who knows how desperately her home state needs it.

‘The Western Australian state Labor party has committed to implementing the CNS when elected.
It is time every state and territory does the right thing and implements the CNS.
There is no greater legacy than to save lives.

‘I will wrap up with the words of members of Ms Dhu’s familyUncle Shaun Harris said,
“We do not want this to happen to anyone else.
Our families are heartbroken and the pain has not left us.”
Ms Dhu’s mother, Della Roe, said,
“My daughter should be with us today.
Her loss haunts me each day and it will remain but it will give me
at least an ounce of peace to see the CNS implemented.”’

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