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Donna Johnson – enthusiastic about the Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump Selection Process

Donna Johnson  Senate Standing Committees on Economics  Subject: Submission on Selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia (Submission No 27)  Regarding a) the financial compensation offered to applicants for the acquisition of land under the Nominations of Land Guidelines;   she believes that  compensation offered is appropriate.  She knows the people who nominated  their land, and believes that their offers were made solely for the community benefit.

On (b) community support, She believes that  a 50% plus 1 vote for a site is adequate, and that neighbour support should be ‘factored in’ for the ultimate decision.  While the early surveys were inadequate, Ms Johnson believes that

Australian Electoral Commission poll provided surety, independence and an indisputable final result. I support the AEC vote and that process as a whole; it was beyond reproach. ‘

She is confident that the department has listened to our community and  will  help the community come to an informed decision.

On c) indigenous support, Ms Johnson believes that the process has been satisfactory –

“The Department should keep reaching out to the right spokespeople for the traditional owners to get this information.”

Ms Johnson is concerned for the economic future of the community’s children.  She is enthusiastic  about the plan ;

“The Community Benefits Program is breathing new life into our community and is an appropriate recognition for the journey and commitment that has been made by Kimba and its people in this search that is in the best interests for ALL Australians. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a country with facilities such as ANSTO’s Lucas Heights and its nuclear reactor providing life saving diagnosis and treatment options for vulnerable Australians. I understand more than one in two Australians will benefit from nuclear medicine in their lifetime. Make no mistake, this is a very noble cause with benefits for our entire nation.”

On e) whether wider (Eyre Peninsular or state-wide) community views should be taken into consideration and, if so, how this is occurring or should be occurring;

“I support the AEC vote and that process as a whole. A change of boundaries after an initial voting result would destroy the integrity of the process.

“The boundaries used for that vote were fair, and it is entirely appropriate that those living in our community should be those who get a vote on this. If this potential facility were to come to our District it would have nothing to do with a fisherman in Port Lincoln nor anyone behind a desk in Adelaide. It affects those living in the Kimba District and it is a decision for those people alone.”

Ms Johnson is proud  that “Our community has made a significant investment in learning, researching and meeting experts to form considered and knowledgeable views”  – and compares it to the rest of the State, which has not bothered to learn about the Nuclear Waste Management Facility plan.

There is no grounds for them to now have influence over our choice to vote on an opportunity that can deliver higher sustained employment and important economic diversity for our community.”

  1. f) any other related matters

The result of the AEC vote is clear demonstration of the maturity of the Kimba community.  The education and information that has been provided has increased as we all learned together of the intricacies of radioactive waste and its safe use, transport, storage and disposal. It must be noted the final result showed a 57.4% YES vote for our community to take another step in ths process and receive more information and closer consideration.



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