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Katrina Koch happy with the Kimba nuclear waste dump selection process

Katrina Koch (Submission No. 28)- Kimba SA Selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia

a) the financial compensation offered to applicants for the acquisition of land under the Nominations of Land Guidelines .

Ms Koch is sure that the financial compensation is not extravagant, as indeed, agricultural use would bring in more. The waste dump will not affect the neighbours.

b) On community support.

To define community – it is the people that live here in the Kimba district. “ the main thing about the current process to date in Kimba is that it is open, transparent and everyone gets to have a say “

She is happy with the processes, involving the District Council of Kimba, and the Australian Electoral Commission vote. As regards neighbours –

“Of the two sites in Kimba there is 90% ‘direct neighbour’ support.” “I truly believe that any number over 50% is an indication of support for the project “

She considers that indigenous leaders will support the project, though she is vague about this. The Bangarla people should be consulted in the same way as for any mining project.

“ Traditional owners have not expressed opposition to the project. “

A town vote unanimously decided to move into Phase 2 (the consultation stage)  Ms Koch is very happy with the Community Benefit Fund.

The nuclear waste facility will benefit the community and the country as a whole.”

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