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Janice McInnis – a nuclear waste dump will ensure the future for Hawker town

Janice McInnis Submission – site selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia  I am long term resident of over 40 years and have no problems with the site selection process for our area of Hawker.

 The site selection process was well advertised. All land owners had equal opportunity to nominate their land. Land owners are not required to notify neighbours of what they may choose to do with their land unless it has a direct impact on the neighbours. The financial compensation offered is not extravagant as the land purchase is only a small piece of the total property and will not affect the overall running of the property.
Broad community support means it is supported by a majority of people who live and work in that community. In the case of the Hawker project it should be remembered that the property concerned is in a remote area not accessed by many locals or tourists.
The community members were given an opportunity to have a say in the early stages of the proposed project and will be further consulted once the detailed assessment of the area has been completed.
The local Indigenous support has been sought and will continue to be sought in the same way. Traditional beliefs will be taken into consideration at each stage
The Government Community Benefit Programme payments have been accessed by those both for and against the project. These payments have had a positive affect on the community through employment opportunities and the completion of projects that benefit the whole community and the many tourists that visit our area.
I don’t believe that wider community views need to be taken into consideration as the project does not have a direct impact on them.
 The opportunities that have opened up and will continue to open up for individuals and businesses in the district are positive outcomes from this project that will ensure the long term viability of this small country town. 
The community has had ample opportunities to become familiar with the information provided from numerous sources, including individual research, information sessions, visits to Lucas Heights, one on one consultations.
There have been opportunities for people to publically express their point of view. Many people both for and against the project prefer to keep their opinions private and are not vocally trying to influence the opinions of others. They are awaiting the opportunity to vote for or against the project when the time comes. A small group of very vocal opponents have in my opinion been trying to influence others with information that is not always factually accurate and has been refuted by experts in the field.

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