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Steven Taylor believes in nuclear waste dump, as ensuring a future for Hawker

Steven Taylor SUBJECT:- proposed Nuclear Repository – Submission No 5  SUBMISSION – Senate enquiry into the process of site selection for the Nuclear Repository in South Australia.

As a resident of the Hawker area I have no issue with the site selection and supply the following in support of my submission.

 I have been a resident of the Hawker Township for approximately 14 years and have been fully aware of the process of this site selection at Barndioota. It was advertised in the newspapers and all parties concerned had the opportunity to put land forward.
  In relation to neighbors complaining that they were not consulted is not an issue with the selection process. I as a home owner do not have to consult with my neighbors if I wish to sell my property, why should a land owner. That is an issue with the owners of the property and should not be considered an issue in this matter.
  The compensation offered by the Federal Government of the acquisition of the land is not an outrageous amount. I believe it to be a fair and equitable price for the land and as we are only referring to approximately 100 hectares of land I do not think that the land owner is going to make a huge fortune for the land.
  Broad community support has been considered in this matter and to say otherwise is misleading. There are sections of the community that are against the proposal in the Hawker area and that is understandable but overall my understanding is that the broader community is in favor of this. People are looking at the future of Hawker and the surrounding area with employment and other opportunities that this will bring to the area. Further the community was consulted in the initial stages of the process and further consultation has been ongoing and will continue until a decision is made.
  I cannot speak for the Local Indigenous people of the area other than to say that from the information I have been given that there is a large support for this project in the area.
  The Government Community Benefit Program has been accessed by both for and against the project. It is interesting to note that some of the parties that were successful in the applications were the strongest against the project yet received the most benefit from the program. A HYPOCRITICAL stance on this project.
 The views of those associated most closely to this project ARE being considered and I do not believe that this should be a STATE view as this will have no impact on them that I can see.
  There has been ample opportunity for the community to obtain information about the project, there have been information seminars, continual presence of representatives in the area for discussion and answering of questions, opportunity for local residents to attend Lucas Heights to obtain firsthand information and to make decisions based on what they see for themselves.
• I personally have had no issue with the site selection process and I believe that his senate enquiry is in response to a small group of persons that are against the project. As I said prior I have no problems with persons with different views on issues but I do have issues when there is not a true representation being put forward.

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