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John Hennessy – bubbling with enthusiasm for nuclear waste dump in Hawker

John Hennessy Submission (No 7 ) on : Selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia

 I am a Hawker resident and business owner. I believe the site selection process was correct, I acknowledge it may have been carried out any number of different ways, but that does not imply something improper with the process implemented. What is really impressive is the extensive consultation which has taken place since day one. All residents have had the opportunity to gather information and express their concerns over a period of almost two years.
Hawker has a great opportunity to become involved with the wonderful work ANSTO perform, which in turn makes a significant contribution to Australia’s first class health system. We in Hawker will proudly share a sister city type relationship with Lucas Heights, which will allow our children and grandchildren openings into Sydney employment prospects. I am bubbling over with enthusiasm for this project; it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a small community to obtain a massive injection of investment which will provide an increase in employment and business activity for many years to come. It will guarantee the future of our town.
The terms of reference segment I wish to specifically address is, whether the local or state wide community views should be taken into consideration. I believe the way this has played out to date is not in our community’s best interest. The no campaign has yet to come up with factually correct and relevant reasons not to build the repository; if they did I would change my mind. However they are very good with slogans, some shout them, some print them, worse some even print abuse. The net result is the intimidation of some local peace loving people into a position of silence. It is right to have the negativity of such detractors contested.
 I would like to draw your attention to a Facebook petition addressed to the Police Commissioner, requesting action be taken to enforce the law including the South Australian Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (prohibition) Act 2000. It is doubtful the dubious prospect of police taking action against the Commonwealth would be taken seriously by many people; however it is a worthwhile indicator of where our project’s adversaries come from. As at 30th January 2018, the petition had 539 signatures, all bar 2 had a postcode. The table shows how the signatories are broken down geographically:
signatories signatories Interstate 160 29.7% Adelaide to 200km radius + Mt Gambier 281 52.1% Port Augusta, Port Pirie to Burra 18 3.3% Flinders Ranges Council 4 0.7% of which Hawker has 2 0.4% North of Hawker 4 0.7% Eyre Peninsula 47 8.7% of which Kimba has 12 2.2% Signed twice 23 4.3% Unknown 2 0.4% Total 539 100%
In fairness the petition would exclude some people opposed to the project who can see the folly of the petition intention; nevertheless the results are consistent with what many people in Hawker already know. That is, there isn’t much opposition coming from Hawker, yet there is massive resistance coming from distant places. How can the optimism of little Hawker compete with this bombardment? The petition as appears on Facebook is copied below  (on original)

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