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Kimba’s nuclear waste dump is planned to facilitate DOUBLING of nuclear wastes in Australia

The Department has provided some updated info on estimated Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) volumes – set to double – and on the claimed period of proposed operations of the above ground ILW Store.
First: The proposed period of ILW above ground storage operations is now said to be for 30 years (this is claimed to be “sufficient for the Aust Gov to establish  a permanent ILW disposal facility at a separate site”) with this ILW Store to have a design life of 50 years “to allow for contingency periods for ILW waste recovery and decommissioning“. 
Note the regulator ARPANSA has previously said this ILW Store could operate for 100 years. ANSTO has produced nuclear wastes for 60 years so far without any disposal capacity in sight and their claims to now realise a permanent geological disposal facility in any particular timeline from here should not be relied upon…
Second: Estimated ILW volumes keep going up and are proposed to double, with Legacy wastes said to be 1772 cubic metres, Future wastes estimated to be 1920 cubic metres, and the Total ILW for indefinite above ground storage at either Hawker or at Kimba is now estimated to be 3692 cubic metres.
The NRWMF is to facilitate a proposed doubling of Intermediate Level Wastes, primarily ANSTO reactor wastes – including the most serious ANSTO irradiated nuclear fuel wastes / reprocessed nuclear wastes which the SA Liberal State Gov prohibited by law back in 2000. The import, transport, storage and disposal of these nuclear wastes is illegal in our state.
See DIIS Latest reports July 2018 at
a 25 page: Preliminary Safety and Waste Acceptance Report of the National Radioative Waste Management Facility (PDF 467KB)
at Executive Summary first paragraph, the Introduction at p.1, and 4.1.5 “Radioactive Waste Inventory” at p.15-16 and Table 3 Waste Inventory legacy and future.
Note that the so called Low Level (LL) Wastes are also proposed to double, with Table 3 showing existing LL wastes at 4976 cubic metres, estimated Future LL wastes to be 4886 cubic metres, and Total LL wastes for disposal at 9862 cubic metres.
The proposed NRWMF is  intended to facilitate an intended doubling of radioactive and nuclear wastes in Australia…

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