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Sham of ‘Broad Community Support’ for Kimba or Hawker for nuclear waste dump


The ‘Broad Community Support’ Sham Continues

Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick has described Minister Canavan’s announcement to triple the incentive package for the communities of Kimba or Hawker, if they vote in support of a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility in their local community, as completely inappropriate and misguided.

“The Minister just doesn’t get it,” said Rex. “As evidenced in recent visits to Kimba and Hawker by the Senate Economics Reference Committee, the communities are deeply divided over the issue. Throwing taxpayer money at them will just rub salt into already weeping wounds.”

“The process is becoming even more of a sham. Firstly, the Minister has stated that the site selection will only occur if there is ‘broad community support’, but refuses to state what ‘broad community support’ actually means. That’s like running a race and telling the participant that they don’t need to know where the finish line is and that officials will just tell everyone who has won the race.

“Next, the Minister stated to the media that ‘The Federal Government wants the entire process done and dusted by the end of the year,’ confirming that the federal election is setting the time frame and that Minister Canavan has already made up his mind.

“And now we see this,” said Rex. “Money being thrown at the problem with an ill-informed view that dollars can heal the division in the community.”

Centre Alliance understands the need for Australia to deal with its own low and intermediate nuclear waste. But forcing a Radioactive Waste Management Facility on an unwilling and divided community is not the solution.

“The Minister needs to bring the community along with him,” said Rex.

As a minimum threshold of support, the Minister must have:

·         65% vote in favour of the facility, and;

·         Indigenous approval, and;

·         Agreement from all of the immediate neighbours to the planned facilities

“The Minister should declare this minimum threshold before the vote. He should declare it right now.

“The Minister also needs to publish all technical reports and cost benefit analyses before the vote.”

July 25, 2018 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump

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