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In South Australia pro nuclear people have been seeded into positions of power

Regina McKenzie  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 2 Aug 18
We went to speak to Dan vanpelican , he stated that the State Liberal Party is going to change the legislation of the prohibition act, hmmm so the Premier is going to OK this filthy dump .
Barb Walker  Federal Government have always said they will override state legislation if they have to.  Marshall is weak and he is ignoring the people who put him in as Premier. He knows South Australia has already said a clear NO to the storage of nuclear waste. He is worthless.
Anne McMenamin This is not unexpected. It brings the International Dump back onto the agenda. Those who said that this will never happen because we have protective legislation forget how easily legislation can be changed. Remember who is the Libs’ Senior Policy Director – and now look at the Head of the Dept of Premier and Cabinet.

Many of these people have strong pro-nuclear beliefs, and want to see us with nuclear power, nuclear-powered subs (remember the French subs we’re going to be building were designed for nuclear power), more uranium mining, and, of course, the international dump. If you look into the bios of many of these people, you will find that there are a series of revolving doors between the military, weapons manufacturing and/or mining industries, academia, and public service. Pro-nuclear people have been “seeded” into many positions of influence.

August 3, 2018 - Posted by | politics, South Australia

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