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Paul Richards refutes nuclear lobbyist Robert Parker

Paul Richards   Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia    comments on nuclear lobbyist Robert Parker , quoting Parker’s statement ‘...we do want the legislation changed so that nuclear energy can be assessed fairly on its economic, environmental and technical merits.’ 

The logic is flawed.

The experiment to prove it works has already been running continuously with both fission and fusion reactors since the 1950s.

Yet, there still is no metrics proving nuclear energy is competitive.


* we live on the driest continent on earth, with
* least amount of potable water,
* have an abundance of sun and
* wind, as natural resources.

Then there is the fact the last nuclear reactor built in the US took;

* more than 43 years to be built,
* over 21 years to construct,
* over 5 years to commission,
* and was built on one of the largest freshwater rivers in the US.

Building reactors as a response to AGW, with subsequent climate change, requires;

* a much faster response than the history of reactor builds proves is realistically feasible.

The reality is, both solar PV and wind turbines are rapidly developed, relatively easily deployed, and systemically recycled safely.

Furthermore, there is over a decade of independent auditors metrics proving solar PV and wind turbines make cheaper electricity.

Cheaper electricity, integrated with a plethora of energy storage systems, able to distribute electricity seamlessly across geopolitical borders using current electrical design engineering systems.
^ As of December 1, 2017, the average age of U.S. commercial reactors was about 37 years, and they still prove to be unviable economically.


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