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Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison joins the pro nuclear bandwagon

Whatever it takes: ScoMo prepared to go nuclear if it cuts power prices GREG BROWN, OCTOBER 8, 2018   Scott Morrison says he would overturn the ban on building nuclear reactors in Australia if he believed it would put downward pressure on power prices.

The Prime Minister said he would do “whatever it takes” to make electricity cheaper, and he would have no issues allowing nuclear reactors to be built if it would make lower household bills.

But warned the investment case to build a nuclear reactor did not “stack up”.

You’ve got to make the investment stack up,” Mr Morrison told 2GB radio.

Last month, former PM Tony Abbott called on the Morrison government to lift the prohibition on nuclear power.

Mr Abbott told 2GB there was “absolutely no reason why, when it’s economic, we shouldn’t have nuclear power generation in ­Australia”.

The push to revive the nuclear debate comes after Mr Morrison last month declared the NEG dead, while opposition energy spokesman Mark Butler held out the prospect of Labor moving to revive the policy in government following engagement with industry.

The former chair of the Australian Nuclear Science and Tech­nology Organisation and current chair of NBN Co, Ziggy ­Swit­kowski, told The Weekend Australian it was sensible to clear the regulatory pathway for the next generation of small ­nuclear reactors.

Mr Morrison today defended Australia remaining a signatory to the Paris climate change agreement, arguing it has no impact on electricity prices.

Meanwhile, the International Atomic Agency says nuclear energy is vital to meeting the global challenge of climate change but projections were for a dramatic shortfall in capacity by 2050.

A new report from the agency revealed without nuclear, cumulative greenhouse gas emissions between 2018 and 2050 could be up to 12 gigatonnes higher, more than 20 times Australia’s entire emissions last year.

Called Climate Change and Nuclear Power 2018, the report said climate change was one of the most important issues facing the world today.

Nuclear energy could make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while delivering energy in the increasingly large quantities needed for global economic development.

“Nuclear power plants produce virtually no greenhouse gas emissions or air pollutants during their operation and only very low emissions over their full life cycle,” the report said.


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