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The spurious promise of JOBs for burdening a community with a stranded nuclear waste dump

Paul Waldon  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 7 Oct 18  Conversation Starter · The birth of a nuclear program more than just a few years young will burden not one but two unwilling communities with the country’s legacy of radioactive wastes, one community serving as a cushion to soften the impact of what maybe yet another one of the governments failures, so they can push their program forward to the second chosen site.

This program has seen false codification of high grade waste, and we have all heard the ongoing resounding factoid that nuclear will be a rainmaker with a promise of no less than 45 jobs on offer.

However they fail to tell us the economic void to tourism and impacts to other industries that can not be financially satisfied by embracing such waste from the nuclear industry, for they live in denial of the existential risks, and threats.

Most people may think I’m talking just about South Australia, however there is yet another program in the nuclear seasoned country of America where they are trying to place the burden of radioactive wastes on southeast New Mexico, and west Texas, with a promise of no less than 45 jobs which mirrors the image of the DIIS’s program and is running parallel, and the only difference I see with both of these programs is the acronyms of the governing bodies.


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